Which kind of collector are you?

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  1. How do you add to your collection?

    Do you usually buy the bag, wallet, wristlet.. etc of the same line?


    Do you buy a little of this and a little of that and use items that don't coordinate with each other?
  2. i buy matching accessories, usually. but matching bag with accessory is usually overkill.
  3. Well i collect a little bit of everything. I love wristlets and I buy them more than anything else. I buy a little of this and a little of that i guess :smile:
  4. I used to buy everything matching, but now I don't!
  5. I just branched out into accessories recently, but I tend to mix things up and go for accessories that are somewhat interchangeable among my bags. I only discovered recently how useful things like wristlets and mini skinnies can be!
  6. I focus on the bag and try to get accessories that look nice with them but aren't necessarily an exact match.
  7. I personally have to have a matching wallet (at least) to a bag. I prefer to have the wallet and wristlet unless there is no room left in the bag for other things. I really wanted the Signature Shoulder Tote in Silver/Dark Brown (chocolate) but I couldn't find a wallet that was an exact match. The wallets out now are mahogany trim... and the color of the stitching doesn't match... The new Ergo wallets have chocolate trim but the bag I got has mahogany trim.. Oh well... I'll be using my Signature Stripe Accordian Zip Around Wallet with my Ergo...
  8. I'm a matcher. I usually get a bag, and at least a wallet or a mini-skinny.

    I made the mistake with my first bag, I didn't buy the wallet, went back to get it a few weeks later and it was gone. I have since learned my lesson. LOL.

    So-Femme...I think we might be true purse soul-sisters!

    It drives my Mom crazy that I won't use a black wallet in my brown bag, or *gasp* if my hardware doesn't match. All my Soho bags have silver metal, and I will NOT use my Legacy wallets in my Soho bags just for that reason.
  9. Yes!! Finally! :yahoo:

    Someone who shares my passion (more like obsession) of bags and matching accessories! Woo hoo!:wlae:

    My SO thinks I'm crazy about matching stitching and trim... Friends tell me its ok... the wallet will be sitting in my bag... but if I KNOW, it bothers me.. regardless if others will be able to tell or not.
  10. I mix-and-match though I do have a wallet, mini skinny, and handbag all in the same gorgeous red leather.
  11. So far its just getting a little bit of everything so I always have something that works well with what I am wearing.
  12. I could not find the wallet to match the stripe legacy interior so I bought a perlina wallet that matches the fushia color stripe, looks nice too!
  13. Well, I'm not quite as matchy as so femme and krispin having to have stitching and trim match , but I do prefer to have at least a matching mini skinny for each bag. The only full size wallet I have is a black signature one, so I use it in any black bags I have. But I'm too cheap to buy full sized wallets for each bag, so I just buy the matching mini skinny for each one. I also would never carry a brown bag with a black wallet in it!
  14. ditto.

    The ONLY thing I have that are "from the same line" is the beaded wristlet to go with my beaded tote. (of course - the tote is brown suede trim and the wristlet is gold trim...)

    I buy what speaks to me...yes that leaves me with a mish-mash of stuff...but I like being kinda "odd"...pulling a gold wallet out of a black bag speaks to me...just like pulling a black wallet out of a black bag speaks to others...
  15. I don't have any matching bags & accessories besides my lilac signature flap & mini...other than that I buy what I like. I have a black hamptons hobo w/ the 2 blueish hangtags & my blue patent mini goes great with it even though they clearly aren't from the same line. Instead of spending $300.00 for a matching wallet, mini, & wristlet to match a certain bag...I'd rather buy another bag.