Which keyring for my pochette?

  1. I am planning to get an extender for my pink/brown cherry blossom & white multicolor pochette (I haven't get the bags yet...lol). Should I get the regular type of extender OR should I get the panda keyring extender? Will the panda make the pochette look too "busy" as the size of the pochette is already small...& the panda looks pretty big. Also, the pattern of the CB & MC are too busy for the panda keyring? What do you think? I probably need to pay a lot of money for the panda keyring as it's already sold out. :crybaby: Any advices will be good.
  2. I think the normal one will be more suitable. Let the BAG stand out!
  3. Keep it simple with those bags!
  4. What about the new pastilles pochette extender???

    Otherwise, I have to agree with CEC and Nola...get the simple one :smile:
  5. Do you know where I can find a pic of that? I can't find it in eluxury. :yes:
  6. Yeah I agree..the regular would look nice.
    And I don't think the Pandas are completely sold out..another member here, John, just got one not that long ago.
    But the regular extender would suit the bags perfectly.
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