Which keyfob??

  1. I like the butterfly because it stands out more and I love butterflies (i have a celtic butterfly tattoo on the small of my back). The monkey would blend in too much IMO.
  2. I like the butterfly too!!!
  3. i agree i like the butterfly!!!!
    BTW..the monkey has recently been at the outlets,at least here in calif for about 24.00.
  4. I have both and adore them!
    Get both of them! :yes:
  5. another vote for the butterfly, it's cute and colrful.
  6. Does the butterfly look really huge? I have the Whiskey zip top and am afraid it would be too big. Isn't it like 3 x 3 " ?
  7. I think the butterfly is too overwhelming, bordering on tacky to put it very bluntly. I think the monkey is more fun and playful, and would look cute "climbing" onto your bag.
  8. I vote for the butterfly. I think the colors would stand out very nicely against the black bag.
  9. I agree with aarti....the butterfly is just a bit much IMO
  10. In general, I reallt LOVE the Monkey, I even have one. The butterfly isn't my style.

    In connection with your bag however, I would go for the butterfly.
  11. Thanks everyone for your opinions. I still haven't made up my mind, though. I think the monkey is adorable, but I'm afraid that it will blend in with my black bag. I didn't realize that the butterfly was so big. So... would any of you suggest anything else?? I'm open for suggestions! Thanks to all of you!

  12. i agree. the bright colors of the butterfly will contrast nicely
  13. I love the monkey one! If you can't decide just get both :p