which key holder?

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  1. vernis pomme or framboise. I have the agenda in vernis framboise. Should I get one to match it or different color? thanks
  2. Oooh get the pomme! Contrasting color would look really pretty IMO
  3. Pomme!!
  4. pomme !!
  5. Pomme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. ^IA... Pomme d'Amour!
  7. I agree Pomme.
  8. pomme!!!
  9. Definitely the Pomme! This is the picture of the two together from the LV site right now...they're so gorgeous together:
  10. Pomme! I love the color! it's so rich!
  11. i say go pomme, its a really nice color irl
  12. Pomme for sure - it's such a vibrant colour!!
  13. I would say Pomme. I just got a Cles in Pomme this morning. The color is just TDF!