Which key holder should I get . . .


Which key wallet should I get . . .

  1. Damier canvas

  2. Mandarin Epi

  3. Vernis Pomme d'Amour

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  1. I have a damier papillon and a mandarin epi bucket

    I keep going around and around because I really love the little vernis accessories, but I'm afraid it's too delicate for something that gets tossed around like a key wallet, and I'm not sure how I would like pomme d'amour with mandarin.

    Question #2: what vernis color would look good with mandarin?

  2. The mandarin epi key holder is on my wish list. Ithink it is soooo pretty! Maybe the beige or pearle vernis with the mandarin?
  3. I'm biased..I LOVE the Pomme.
    And I agree, I think the perle vernis would look gorgeous with Mandarin Epi!
  4. Have you thought about the Azur? That would look great w/ both bags IMO.
    For Vernis: agree w/ the others, PERLE!
  5. Vernis is not so delicate especially in Pomme or Indigo or Amarete (possibly), I promise mine gets tossed around and has for a year. No scuffs, no worries!
  6. Vernis Pomme d'amour really a great key holder and pretty doesn't hurt either!
  7. pomme!!!!
  8. Ooo, thanks everyone. Lots of great ideas!

    rileygirl: I was wondering about pearle as well. I think I need to see this in person

    lvbabydoll: I think I am biased, too! The combination of the patent leather and that apple red is just perfect.

    GerGirl: I forgot all about the Azur! How could I do that? That's a great suggestion

    mewlicious: I am so happy to heat that it's not too fragile!

    Pinkwhatever and Couture_Girl: I think the pomme is winning :yes:
  9. Another vote for the pomme!;)
  10. I like the perle vernis!
  11. I say go for the pomme !
  12. I like the pomme.
  13. Go for the pomme it's a gorgeous color, and you never know you may like it with the mandarin?! :yes:
  14. damier!! i'm scard the pomme would get scratched as a key holder!
  15. i love my pomme. i think it would be OK with the mandarin but perle would be better.