Which key cles/pouch to purchase?

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  1. I am planning on purchasing a key cles/pouch in one of the three canvas materials but am stuck as to which one. My plan is to also purchase a DE totally or duomo hobo when i receive my tax refund later this year. Should i keep the cles the same in DE or go something different like monogram or DA. How dirty will the DA get? Please let me know your experiences.
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  2. Monogram! It's so cute and it's my all time favorite LV slg!!! DA might get dirty, if you ever slip it into a jean pocket. Let us know what u decide! :smile:
  3. DE or monogram :smile: I personally like DE more!
  4. I have a DE and I love it.
  5. I have DA and mono, but still plan on getting DE. I still love my mono the best, but DA is so nice!!! I have been using it non stop attached to my keys as my everyday for a little while now as a grab and go. It still looks new. I'd go for mono if you only plan on one though.
  6. I know empreinte is not on your list, but may I suggest taking a look at the empreinte cles when you are at the store? They are really beautiful. I use mine every day.
  7. I would go with monogram. I used to have one in the DA print and often put it into my blue jeans pockets...after a while the fabric lining along the zipper turned a blueish color.
  8. I think for the size of the item the DE print looks the best. When I purchased mine I was comparing them as well and ultimately I felt the DE suited the small size well.
  9. Thanks ladies. Just returned from LV during my lunch break and it is a toss up between the DE and the mono. I am probably leaning toward DE as I can eventually attach it to my future DE bag and it will match. Might go the mono PM agenda one day!!
  10. The DE key pouch is great. I have one, sometime I wish I went with monogram. lol
  11. I went with mono instead of DE despite my Speedy being DE because I wanted a little of the mono for a change. BUT if you want to use it as a charm then DE might be better. That said, I actually think mono is cute against DE but others will prob disagree. Depends how much you like to match!
  12. I got DA a while ago and it's still pristine , and that's without babying it or even cleaning it. Having said that, I wish I got mono because all my other SLGs are mono. It's totally a personal preference on which you'd prefer.
  13. My bag is DE and I got the Cles in mono, it is beautiful, I love it. I am a person that likes everything to match but with LV I buy each piece for what it is and whether I like that piece by itself, I have a mixture of DE and mono.
  14. You can't go wrong with either print but I prefer the look of DE on this piece.
  15. I love my cles! Hands down it is my most functional and used piece. I have all 3 prints but I shy away from using my DA because after putting in my jeans pocket the corner has a slight blue tint.:sad: I vote DE or mono!
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