Which Kerastase conditioner for dry hair?

  1. Which Kerastase conditioner is the best for dry hair? Also, on the Kerastase website it says that when Kerastase is not sold in a salon i.e., it could be a fake. What do you think of the Kerastase that is offered at different beauty supply stores and websites, is it the real thing?
  2. ONLY buy it from salons that are licensed to carry Kerastase. While other places might sell the real thing, who knows how it has been stored, expiration dates, etc etc?

    If you have color treated hair like mine, I loooove the Miroir line...its the one in the pink bottle.

    If you have REALLY REALLY dry hair, there is the Masquintense that is fabulous!
  3. will,,, dear it depends on your hair type...
    is it dry and rebellious
    dry and fine..
    or very dry and thick...
  4. I have dry hair too and I tried a few in the Kerastase line and I'll tell you what...even though I don't color my hair, the pink/magenta bottle line (Bain Miroir and Chroma Reflect mask) definitely worked best for me. Makes your hair really shiny. I think it works for me because colored hair tends to be dry from the process so this stuff addresses that AND adds shine.
  5. The masquintense works best for dry hair IMO but I alternate between this and the miroir line. I color my hair and blow dry almost everyday and this helps to keep my hair healthy looking. I would stick to buying from authorized salons. Drugstore.com is a good place to get it too. You can use ****** or luckymagrewards to get $ rebates. :smile:
  6. I alternate between the oleo relax, mastinique (or whatever that name is) and the lait vital proteine . . . the oleo relax seems to work best for me . . . but they all seem to work slightly different . . .
  7. masquintense line provides intensive moisturization of your hair....
  8. Yes, the masquitense line does give a kick of moisture. Also try the Age Recharge hair mask- it makes hair stronger and softer than you would ever believe.