Which Kelly?

  1. I think i have tired of the heavy look of a birkin and think i want to go for a more classic kelly. Should i go with black and gold or be a bit different and go with a dark green with gold. I can't make up my mind. BTW what type of price tag am in for with the kelly. I was all set to buy the birkin and im hoping it's not more.
  2. Hi Denial! If you are all set for a Birkin purchase then you should be ok with the Kelly purchase... it should be a bit less, but depends on leather etc.

    The color and h/w is such a personal decision, I like black and gold, but that's just me.
  3. A VL 35cm kelly is $7350.
  4. I think the price will vary depending on the leather you choose for your new Kelly (correct me if I am wrong, Hermes exprerts of tPF!:flowers:). Black is always a safe choice and gold hardware is :heart: !!! Dark green (do you mean olive?) with gold hardware sounds delicious as well!:drool: Sorry to be of no help at all!:shame:
  5. My 32cm Chocolate Box sellier Euro 4,250 after tax rebate on 5 Sept 2007. I vote for Black with g h/w if it is your first Kelly. Oh so classic! You won't regret it.
  6. Just last week i was quoted 35cm Etoupe sellier in cherve coromandel tax included S$13,200, that's about US$8,800.