Which Kelly to get??

  1. Hey Everyone!
    I have a choice between two Kelly's and I can't decide. One is in Tundra (Olive green) and is 28cm, the other one is Grey and is 35cm. Which would you guys go for?
    Thanks :hysteric:
  2. oh and the 28cm is box calf
  3. The Grey 35cm but I prefer large bags. How are you planning on using our Kelly?
  4. Just everyday, casually.. (My style is pretty classic though, I don't tend to dress in jeans and t-shirts).
  5. It's really hard to say because there's another factor: sellier or retourne. We don't know if the Kellys in question are sellier or retourne. We also don't know what you look like, what your build is.
    Go to the boutique and play with the bags and then make up your mind depending on how you feel with each one.
  6. Well I'm not too good with hermes language yet (still new).. all I know is both Kellys are box. Im 5 foot 5, on the thin side, blonde, 23.. maybe the 35 is the best to go for, more every day. Plus I think grey is an easier color, although its apparently some kind of new grey, a very light shade. He said the most confusing name for it I can't even remember it haha!
    I'm planning to go there on Saturday!
  7. I think the 35cm is younger and more modern. The 28cm is going to be dressier.
  8. I would vote...grey and larger. I think it's younger...and I agree...the smaller bag would be dressy.
  9. thanks you guys :smile: I was just worried that while the grey is an easier color, it might be a bit boring!
  10. The Olive Sounds Dreamy To Me.....You Will Know When You See Them.....I Can't Wait To Hear How This Turns Out;)
  11. well the SA just called now and said they got another 35cm in Havane.. ahh this is so confusing!!! [​IMG]
  12. Go for the Havane! You'll love it!!!! And for you, I'd say the 35cm......
  13. havanne in box? gorgy!
  14. actually the havanne they have is evergrain leather! the other two are box :smile:
  15. The havanne evergrain sounds gorgeous!