Which Keepall?

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  1. im sure they can handle the stress... thats what they were made for. the second one is more favorable in my eyes..
  2. Get the 50 or 55 with the strap. You can always take it off if you find it easier to carry without. I have a 50 and love it. Fits tons of stuff and fits into an overhead compartment nicely.
  3. shoulder strap, u need to be hands free when traveling and its nice to switch on and off if you get tired of it on your shoulder or vise versa
  4. Thanks for the feedback but it isn't a matter of looks but function. If I am using the bag with the shoulder strap often -- my main concern is if it will pull apart at the stress points (aka where the strap and the bag meet). So I am looking more for feedback on if the Keepall 55 keeps up to wear-n-tear well. If not, it doesn't make sense to pay the extra money for something that will be a detriment to the bag in the log run.
  5. No it wont pull apart, its very durable luggage, ive used mine a lot, I have the 50 with strap and LOVE it!
  6. I like the second one better. I don't think the straps would be an issue, i'm sure they are pretty durable.
  7. Strappp.....I should know hahaha
  8. Thanks Everyone!
  9. I don't have a Keepall yet... It is on my list though. Personally, I wouldn't own one without the strap. There is no way I'd want to carry that bag without being able to hoist it on my shoulder. Carrying that bag, packed in my hand is out of the question.

    Clake76, I've heard many horror stories from people that own the bag without the strap. They seem to hate it. Go for the strap. You'll be glad you did. :yes:
  10. Another vote for the second one.
  11. With strap. You might regret it later if you get it without the strap. Carrying the bag with the strap though does distort the bag into this ugly crinkled-up shape. But tired arms take precedence over ugly bag!