Which keepall is an official carry on size?

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  1. I want to get one for trips but i donno which keep all or maybe speedy is an official carry on size?? please help.
  2. keepall 45 and 50 for sure is carry-on and the new carryall is carry-on too. I think everything bigger than 50 (maybe 55?) is check-in.
  3. Keep all 50 is a carry on.
  4. I just bought a Keepall recently and according to the SA at LV the Keepall 55, is the most popular because it is the largest bag you can use as a carry-on.
  5. Don't international and domestic flights have different standards? To be safe, I would go with 50 as the largest. The 55 is pretty big.
  6. Well, you know to be honest I've been using a carry-on bag that is much bigger than even the Keepall 55 and the airlines have been letting me through. I think as long as the bag is soft and within weight, it can be manuvered (squished) into the overhead.
  7. I have a 55 and it does fit in many overhead compartments.
  8. . . . .that's if you're not the last on the plane! ;)
    I would get the 50 probably so as not to chance having to check that beauty.
  9. i have the 50 and i use it as carry-on -- i agree thhat as long as you can squish it in the overhead, it'll be okay but a larger bag would mean, heavier stuff so might as well get the 50.
  10. 55 is marketed as the largest to fit in a plane's overhead. I've heard of people getting on with 60's though. You could probably get away with it in first class but depending on the airline, I don't know about coach.
  11. Just be careful, my sister had to go buy a 45 because they kept making her check hers. Look at the website of the line you are flying they usually have measurement guides on there.

    From Delta.com

    Does not exceed 45 inches when you total length plus width plus height.

    Which fits their guidelines, but they still make her check the 55 if it is stuffed full.