Which Kabuki handbag should I get???


Which Kabuki handbag should I get???

  1. Speedy

    23 vote(s)
  2. Neverfull

    20 vote(s)
  1. I’ll be heading to Paris next week and asked my SA to reserve both bags. I’m loving both but would rather get just one but I’m struggling deciding. Help!!!
  2. I personally love the speedy look.
  3. Nf
    pouch is better than the bag:P
  4. i love the look better in the speedy but the function better on the neverfull. i prefer a shoulder bag and i’ve learned that the 30 is just too big of a speedy for me. BUT, if you are a classic speedy 30 lover then i would recommend that 100%. HTH
  5. Biased:smile:: My SA is currently hunting down a speedy for me. I had the opportunity to buy the NF but it did not make me happy when I saw it. If my SA can find the speedy I will also be getting a bandeau to tie on the bag so I can wear it on my shoulder (another TPF member posted pictures of doing this) I also love the epi on the sides of the bag :girlsigh:
  6. That is a tough one. I am with ShalomJude on the Neverfull pouch. But the Speedy is nice too. Ask L and B for their opinions!!!
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  7. Speedy is winning 2:1. I feel like I’m starting to lean Speedy because I REALLY want a Neverfull GM and I’m waiting for one to be added to the My World Tour collection. But I also already have 6 speedies.
  8. if you already have 6 speedy then i say speedy! lol you obviously know you love that style bag. then you can hold out for the GM in the neverfull
  9. Had the same issue. My wife loved the speedy and neverfull pouch. I bought her the speedy at LV and the neverfull pouch separately on eBay.
  10. I personally love the look of the speedy
  11. I arrived today and was shown both bags. My SA is simply amazing as he managed to reserve these for four weeks until I arrived despite everyone trying to steal them. Because we’re waiting on another item to arrive I have another day to decide. My decision is now speedy or both.

  12. Both lol
  13. I just don't think the Neverfull looks nearly as cool as the Speedy.
  14. Speedy for sure!
  15. Speedy