Which Juicy should I get?


What color Juicy cosmetic case should I buy?

  1. Brown and Bronze

  2. Grey and Pink

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  1. Hi all,

    I am trying to decide between 2 different color combos of Juicy's tri-fold cosmetics bag.

    Which color combination brown with bronze or the gray with pink trim do you think looks nice?

    I am leaning towards the brown but I also like the gray. So I need help choosing!

    Here are pics of both. Please vote which one you think is cuter!

    brown front.jpg brown.jpg grey front.JPG grey inside.jpg
  2. I like the bronze and brown.
  3. same here.. brown!
  4. brown
  5. grey.
  6. I like them both! They both have different looks to them. I can see why you're torn. I think I like the grey one better personally but I think both are nice.
  7. brown bronze