Which Juicy hoodie should I get?

  1. Mrs. Robinson


    Trophy Wife
  2. I like Pedicure the best. Depending on where you are looking, there may also be a coupon code floating around.
  3. peicure and then mrs.robinson
  4. Trophy Wife
  5. Mrs.Robinson
  6. I think it would depend on your skin tone and hair colour but for meeee i'd go for Trophy Wife.
  7. ^^^I agree--it depends on your coloring. The pale pink would look great on anyone who isn't extremely pale--like me. :sad:

    The darker pinks would look good on anyone! I like the "Trophy Wife" color best!
  8. I like pedicure the best.
  9. I like Mrs robinson, but it depends on your skin tone.
  10. trophy wife. When you're getting juicy you should really go all the way. PINK!
  11. I like Pedicure, super cute for spring/summer!
  12. Pedicure...its really pretty. :yes:
  13. i like trophy wife!
  14. I like the pedicure
  15. I'd personally pick Pedicure, I like that shade the best!