which Jimmy Choo clutch do you prefer?

  1. I'm thinking about buying one of those oversized "day" clutches that are popular this season. Which one do you prefer?

    (This will take two posts... and most of the pics are from jimmychoo.com.)

    CHOICE #1: "MARIN"


    Naomi Watts and Lindsey Lohan with Marin
    Marin black.jpg Marin blue.JPG Marin white.jpg Naomi Watts with JC Marin clutch.jpg Lindsey Lohan with JC Marin clutch.jpg
  2. OMG! I love the all!
    This is going to be hard to pick from.
  3. or



    Cameron Diaz and Beyonce with Troy
    Troy black.jpg Troy black studs.jpg Troy oat.jpg Cameron Diaz with JC Troy clutch.jpg Beyonce with JC Troy clutch.jpg
  4. I love the Troy in black!
  5. I prefer the Marin in Blue, just a little pop of color.
  6. Hey MartiniGirl, between your Martinis and my Cosmos (<-----), we could start our own little party! :drinkup:
  7. I like the Marin. I'm drawn to the blue, but the black looks fantastic, too!
  8. I like the Troy just not with all the bling.
  9. I like the Marin in blue or white (cream?)!
  10. I love :heart: :heart: the Blue Marin:yahoo:
  11. i like the troy, in one of the blacks!
  12. All tha clutches are beautiful. I prefer the Troy in black or oat. i don't care too much for the studded clutch. The Marin is beautiful in blue and a little different.I saw the blue mahala at jc orlando and the color was great!Good luck on the exciting purchase of one of these stunning bags.
  13. Troy...but w/out the bling..but blue marin is also pretty:smile:
  14. :heart: Love the blue Marin, love the Troy in black and I also love the blinged out one.
  15. ^^^So I should get them all Lisa??? :graucho: