Which jeans would YOU get?

  1. I like the first one better.
  2. i like the second one better
  3. I love the darker wash and the red stitching on the 2nd pair!

    (I may even want some for myself... how are they cut??)
  4. I like the first way more than the second.
  5. I like the second pair. It has a nice wash.
  6. I like the 2nd one better. The whiskering is more faint.
  7. I vote for the second pair!
  8. 2nd.
  9. I like the first pair too :smile:
  10. #2
  11. mmm, i like them both a lot.. but I'd got for the second one. It looks darker and its what you need for fall.
  12. i like them both, maybe the second more a tad bit more than the first (but I tend to like darker washes).
    If you prefer to wear them during the day.. .the first one is more casual, and the second is better for evenings since it's darker.
  13. I like the second pair...I always like darker washes and the red stitching is great!
  14. I love the wash on the second best but I like the pocket on the first...If i had to choose though i would get the second, im obsessed with dark jeans;)