which JC is a classic in your opinion??

  1. I've had a very expensive bag year (Chanel and Gucci) but I am obsessed with having one Jimmy Choo. I keep changing my mind as to which one to buy - first I wanted the bone/sage liquid Mahala, then I saw it at Saks with 30% off and I didn't like it so much - now I'm thinking I should get a Ramona - I want to buy one that will not be dated looking too soon and I need a large bag. I appreciate your thoughts on which bag to get. TIA
  2. I personally like the Mahala style better.
  3. I like the Mahala style better too. The Ramona seems gigantic!
  4. I would not vote for the Ramona either as my singular JC bag (I am thisclose to selling mine). If your choice is between the Mahala and the Ramona, then go for the Mahala (the color choices are stunning)!

    But if you're looking for an everyday bag, then go for the Ring bag! I notice that it's almost sold out at NM and BG even without being on sale. A great bag I tell ya!
  5. They do have a nude Ring on sale at NAP. What do you think of that color Stinkerbelle?
  6. Again, I know we all have our favorite Choo styles, but for as hesitant as I was about the Ring bag initally (I too thought it looked too long), it has become my favorite bag for style, size and functionality! I also know that Samantha lusted after the nude Ring bag and she has the burgundy Ring bag. Robyn and Jburgh also have the Ring, so yeah...it's a keeper!
  7. SuzyZ - The Ring is a great bag. But did you say you needed something big? The Ramona is bigger. What do you carry in your bag? If you list the stuff, we can tell you if it will all fit in a Ring. Stinkerbelle and I will get out our Rings and do a test for you :graucho:
  8. ^You're such a dork! ;)

    I think if anyone wants to compare bags, they should just check out Jburgh's "family photo" and if you take the time to compare, you'll easily be able to pick out a bag that is right for you!
  9. Only you can call me a dork, dear. Besides, the scientific method may apply to SuzyZ's dilemma. Now get some sleep, for heaven's sake it is 2:38am!
  10. I only called you a dork because I could only IMAGINE what in the freaking world you would have us putting in our Ring bags to "test" the functionality of said Ring bag! :rolleyes:

    This is so NOT what I expected when I came to the JC forum! I thought we would be having lunch with cucumber sandwiches....and yet....I find myself knee deep more often than not with a gassy pregnant woman hunting for snakes in the swamps of freaking Ohio! :hysteric:
  11. I read on either the Hermes forum, or a blog that one of the Hermes SAs in France told people to keep their bags stored with books or bricks to preserve the shape! :nuts:So....there's your testing material. NO! not a Birkin full of bricks...just the bricks. :s
  12. Ahhh... you remembered. I have been so close to buying the Ring in nude on sale. Beautiful bag and color!

    SuzyZ, my advice would be buy the bag you really love regardless of its classic status. I just added a JC7 to my JC collection and it is one of the oldest JC styles. I don't know if it is a classic but I love it:heart:

    As far as a style looking dated soon I think you will be fine. The IT bag status has really disappeared from both the Mahala and the Ramona(thank goodness). What remains are beautiful, stylish, well made bags. Good luck with your decision!
  13. Newbie here: What does NAP stand for??

  14. NAP is Net-a-porter, a site sponsor and a pretty good online site for Choo obsessing...er shopping :biggrin: .
  15. SuzyZ - I too second the Biker Ring w/ watersnake trim:love: I also own other bags that will forever be classics *to me* (Paddy, Spy, Gaucho) given my casual lifestyle, so the Ring fits right in with them. I'd say choose the bag that will suit your unique style the best!:yes: