Which jacket to get?? I need your opinions!!!

  1. Please help me ladies! You are all such fashionistas!! so I need your opinion on which coat to get. I am looking for a kind of casual coat but can be worn with a lot of things. I have found 3 that I really like.

    1) Mike & Chris Lawson jacket in black

    2) Soia & Kyo Emmy jacket in gray

    3) Soia & Kyo Candy in another gray

    I am leaning more towards the first two. I love them all though! Please let me know what you think! TIA!!! :yes:
  2. I love the third one..it's very trendy and cute. But also the first one..it's more versatile.
  3. i like the last one
  4. either one or two, three is much too busy.
  5. i like 2 the best, but if you want something a little less casual I would go with 1
  6. LOVE the third one! Plaid is really popular these days and the buttons give it a chic look. I love it!
  7. ! i'm in love with soia & kyo. i actually like #3 but don't know if it will last across seasons
  8. thanks everyone!

    soundjade -- I agree. I never really paid much attention to Soia & Kyo last year but wow! I am totally in love with it as well!

    it seems as though majority of you ladies liked the third one. Thanks for all the feed back ladies!! I really appreciate it. I must make a decision soon
  9. 2nd one =)
    3rd one may go outta trend soon,
    2cnts worth!
  10. 3) Soia & Kyo Candy in another gray

    that so cool!:tup:
  11. I like the third one.

    the first one doesnt look good on that model at all.
  12. I prefer the third. The first fits very awkwardly, doesn't look like it would give much shape. And I've never liked parkas, personally, and besides that, the second seems pretty ordinary IMO.
  13. I would get the jacket that you just can't get out of your head - and that has the 'wow' factor. SOme things you try on just meld into your being.... Others just sit on top.

    The following jacket (Diesel Tegugia Jacket - on sale from Tobi's for $161) reminds me of a combination of all three of your picks. Not sure why but it immediately popped into my head when I saw your photos and I do think this jacket is very, very cute... just a thought though... :girlsigh:
    tegugia jacket.jpg tegugia2.jpg
  14. The third on is cool! don't like the second one!
  15. first or second - first more versatile / second more casual....