Which jacket should I keep?

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Which jacket to keep

  1. Quilted with warmer in Black

  2. Quilted with buckled cuffs in Black

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. So I've been buying these 3 quilted jackets during the sale and I only want to keep 1 or 2. Here are the 3 jackets I ordered:
    Quilted with warmer in black ~$165

    Quilted with buckled cuffs in black

    Quilted jacket without warmer in red ~$225

    I've already used the one in red because I bought it almost a month ago during burberry sale. So I'm in dilemma which black jacket I should keep. The one with the warmer is the exact same model with the red one, just with the additional warmer. The other one is a different model, but I feel like the warmer would be useful during winter + it's removable. But again, the model is exactly the same for the one with the warmer.

    I'm totally confused now. Help please. If you were me, which one would you choose? Thanksss!!
  2. I would totally choose the black one with the belted cuffs. Its super cute, and plus you already have the Red one, that looks the same as the black one. Just my opinion though..
  3. I have voted for the one with cuff... the style looks younger. It's more unique look...:yes:
  4. I love all the coats you got - and you got them at such great deals too!

    I like the black one with the cuff..it's different and unique. The black quilted jacket is a classic, so I can see why you can't make a decision.

    I vote for keeping all of them!! :graucho: - but than again, don't listen to me...I bought 4 Burberry coats/jackets for myself this season alone!
  5. i would choose the classic one- black quilted. However, all depends the black one with cuff seems to me more casual looking and the other ones are more calssic and can wear casual and a bit more formal. So, in that case I would keep both.
  6. Buckled cuffs.
  7. I'd be inclined to keep them all! But if you have to pick just one of the black jackets, I'd say the one w/ the buckled cuffs -- I like that style.
  8. have you gotten the black buckled cuff one already? if not, i won't make any decisions until you try that on. i bought one in my size but it just does not fit right, so i'm going to return it.

    if i were you and if all the jackets fit right, i would keep them all.
  9. Thanks for the comments everyone. The reason I don't really want the one with the warmer is because it looks the same with the red one I already have, but we'll see if I ended up keeping all :P

    coco-I haven't received it any of these black jackets yet. I probably should wait until I tried it on and see which one looks better.
  10. I like the one with the cuffs......a little more stylish
  11. keep the one w/ cuffs.
  12. i like the look of the one without the warmer but it might be harder to fit well on the body.
  13. Thanks all for the inputs! I received all the jackets. The one with cuffs makes me look big and it doesn't fit nicely :crybaby: I love the one with the warmer though, so I'm definitely keeping that one. Not sure if I'm going to return it or not. The price is too good to pass up :faint:
  14. I think the cuff sleeve style is supposed to flare - like an A-line style.

    You should def keep the one with the warmer if you can! It was such a good deal and it's black! :idea: