Which jacket should I get?

  1. So these are the two jackets I cant' decide on. Help me choose! And tell me why. I can't decide which print i like better, and than which pockets i prefer.

    Jacket #1 I like because it buttons up on the front and has the front side pockets

    Drawback its eBay, so cant' return and i think will need to be altered on the sleaves and potentially the side seams too. Also a use coat.


    Jacket #2 I like because i have tried it on. And its a cute pattern. Jacket is new.
    Same drawbacks I have to alter and its so its much pricier.

  2. I like no 1 as it is less boxy and I like the way the pockets are sewn north to south. It looks more youthful to me. What is the difference in cost?
  3. i'm glad you posted the pics side by side. i didn't realize how similar they were till now (fringes around cuffs and collar, general color scheme). you got a great deal on eBay!
  4. I love jacket #1...it looks like it would be very flattering, plus I'm more of a neutral color person so the second jacket is just too bright for me.
  5. I really like the second one because the tweed is richer looking and quite striking, but if there's a huge price difference, I'd get the first one- it's still a great looking jacket and will look great tailored just right.
  6. Ya the first one I scored on eBay for $600, still have to send her a check, which is my drawback, her paypal account isnt'a ctive...so some risk, but she seems trustworthy.

    The other is NM still 1700 afer sales, so obviously a HUGE difference in price.
  7. Love # 2 (less fringes):smile:
  8. i like the second one, like the color and the texture of the tweed.
  9. i like the 2nd one better, the maroon red combo and tweed.. fab!
  10. I like the 2nd one much better, the color combination along with the style just make the jacket seem much more appealing to me than the other. Since it's going to be pricey anyways, why not splurge on yourself a little bit by getting a brand new one.
  11. Another vote for the second one! The colors and pattern are much more bold than the first....the jacket seems more fun while the first one seems a little blah....
  12. second one for sure, the colours are fresher
  13. I like the style of the first, but the color of the second.. :p

    I know, I'm no help...
  14. Haha....ya thats the problem there are features i love about both and I thoght about getting both, but I think they are too similar and I would want a different color scheme..ugh.

    Are the pockets on the 2nd functional? I know I'd actually use the pockets on the 1st one.

    Does anyone else think the print on the second is too "bright?" Or is that what makes it appealing?

    Hehe..I am no help to myself either.
  15. I love how this forum has somewhat morphed into ready to wear! I love seeing all of the clothes, but now I'm obsessed with Chanel clothes and bags as well.:p

    Both jackets are beautiful, but my vote gors with no. 2. You can't go wrong with either! Great purchases.:yes: