which jack & lucie

  1. hello PFers...........
    I'm thinking of getting a jack and lucie keyring before the end of the month, but which one????
    I intend to use it altenateley with my speedy 25 mono and damier papillon 26.......
    Thanks so much in advance..........:flowers:
    lv_jack & lucie.jpg lv_jack & lucie 3.jpg
  2. Oh I didn´t know about the other color:yahoo: The orange combination is the best with those bags though.
  3. The dark ones! They can be used all winter and don't yell Halloween! There was a previous thread that showed the dark ones on a Damier bag and they looked phenomenal. :love:
  4. Same here...orange is too Halloweeney IMO.
  5. I got the brown one for my damier speedy 25, Super cute!!!!!!!:love:
  6. I like the orange and white :smile:
  7. If u want mileage, go for the brown 'cos it doesn't look as seasonal. The orange sure is bright n cheery though...
  8. Brown and Olive....they go better for all year round use. So cute!
  9. Orange... like a real pumpkin, and white, like the head of Tim Burton's character!
  10. Orange and white.
  11. I love the orange & white...the other colors blend too well w/ the bags that they are less noticable.
  12. Definitelythe brown! It looks so nice with the bags!
  13. The Khaki and Brown one looks better in real life, I think. I had bought them and then returned them cause I had absolutely NO USE for them, but they're cool looking keychains.
  14. I love orange and white. I would only use for the fall anyways,,I love the orange on the mono bags!!
  15. I can't make my desicion so I took both!!!!