Which J12 to let go of ?

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  1. I have three J12's. 33mm diamond bezel, 38mm diamond bezel and 38mm diamond marker all white. Which one would you let go of ? I'm thinking of purchasing a Rolex.
  2. Either the 33mm or the 38mm diamond bezel. You'd get more money for the 38mm toward your Rolex. I have the 33mm diamond bezel and love the size...but I have tiny wrists.
  3. ^^IMO the 38mm diamond bezel......have fun Rolex shopping :smile:
  4. another vote for the 38mm diamond bezel.
  5. I'd say 38 diamond bezel as well.
  6. Thanks, I think I will let go of the 38mm.
  7. Yes, definitely keep the 33mm for variety and let the 38mm diamond bezel go. Wish I bought white with diamond bezel instead the black one :sad: