Which items have been a surprise...LoVe or Fail?


Apr 30, 2014
I have been a huge fan of flat opening wallets for quite some time. I had an accordion type wallet years ago, and it was very tight and difficult to remove cards from, and my wallet just became messy, which annoyed me intensely. I have stayed away ever since.....until now.

I was shopping at LV at Ion Orchard in Singapore when just out of curiosity I asked to see the interior of the zippy empreinte wallet. My SA, remarked that she thought I only liked flat opening wallets but she could see me loving this.....I had never understood why it was so popular until I opened it and saw how flexible and soft the interior was. It had to be mine! It was love at first sight! Now let's see if the honeymoon lasts......:graucho:

Which items have you thought weren't your cup of tea and wound up being a love? Or vice versa?
Oct 5, 2014
I was always a chanel classic girl. And for sure thought I would never get a boy bag. But I joined IG and saw all the amazing boy bags pics.. A few weeks ago, I was browsing and feel in love with a red chanel boy bag with silver hardware ... It was truly love at first sight.


Jan 14, 2014
Mono 30 Speedy
I only bought it because we were in Hawaii & it worked out much cheaper & it's supposed to be a classic.

But now......ooh! In love with my Speedy
How did I live before I had her :smile:


Mar 29, 2006
I was always a chanel classic girl. And for sure thought I would never get a boy bag. But I joined IG and saw all the amazing boy bags pics.. A few weeks ago, I was browsing and feel in love with a red chanel boy bag with silver hardware ... It was truly love at first sight.

You're posting in the wrong forum, but enjoy your bag. The topic is LV purchases.:smile:
I didn't expect to pursue anything in the Empreinte line, because I'm almost entirely getting away from logo LV, but once I actually put my hands on the wallets, I was hooked. On my next-buy list.:P


Mar 3, 2013
I think I am most surprised with my DE Agenda PM and DE Cles. :tender: I really did not expect to use these little SLGs so much.
Apr 1, 2014
Surprise. Audacieuse MM. It's an older discontinued bag. The suede seems to turn a lot of people off. But, I ordered it from Yoogis anyways. And, I fell in love the moment I saw it.

Big Surprise!!! St. Germain MM. I thought I was LV content until I saw this.

Surprise. Curieuse empreinte wallet in Bronze. So friction beautiful and lightweight. Fits just enough credit cards and takes up less room than my zippy which made a difference in my smaller cross body bags.

Fail. Clemence wallet. I love the idea. I love the colors. But, I returned it within literally hours of buying it because it just did not feel fully executed and complete.

Fail. Men's Multiple wallet in Graphite. Only two months and already having issues with the glazing peeling. Big disappointment.

Fail. Favorite MM. Was my literally one of my favorites until I saw that the cross body strap was cracking around the loop in less than six months. They really should have made the strap with clasps on both ends like on the Eva. I still love the purse but really....cracking in less than 6 months and skimping on a simple piece of hardware?


Sep 28, 2014
I love my favorite mm, but the flap is so annoying!!! the strap sometimes gets twisted and when I put it on my shoulder, it flips the bag 360*, causing the contents to come spilling out...a zipper underneath the flap would have made it so much more secure. Semi-fail?


Jul 23, 2008
I have a love and fail with one bag in particular. I love the pochette métis to death. I didn't realize how nice and versatile it was until seeing it in person. It's luxurious inside and out. It's a great size for crossbody purposes. It has very little vachetta which is another plus. Now for the fail...
After using it for 5 straight days on vacation,the clasp on one side rubbed against the corner piping that's glazed and it peeled the glazing off...I was so bummed. I saw a post on the forum of another poster showing hers and I immediately looked at my corner in the same spot and there it was...peeling just like hers! The clasp only rubs while it's wearing crossbody and the friction over and over caused it to peel away. I am still loving the bag regardless, yes I wish it was still perfect ( it's only a year old) but I will wear it out and maybe down the road I'll buy it new again. That's how much I love this style :smile:


Mommy of 3
Jul 11, 2008
I thought i was content with LV until i saw the St. Germain MM... What a fabulous bag!!
I'm starting to shy away from handheld bags... thus, Almas are not my favorite bags lately.
I never really cared much for Mono bags, but lately i've been thinking about a mono speedy B...


Sep 28, 2012
I am completely surprised by the Metis hobo bag! I did not like this one AT ALL for a long time after it first came out.... but it gradually started to grow on me. I finally broke down and bought one this summer and I absolutely love it! It is well made, comfortable, functional, has different carrying options and does not look to wide on me. What more could you ask for?:heart:


Apr 2, 2013
I never, ever wanted a speedy (actually kind of disliked them for a long time) but then I saw a DE Speedy B in the store and after trying it on, I was hooked. Now it's one of my favorite bags and I love carrying it. Funny how our tastes can change over time.


Howdy Y'all
Oct 22, 2012
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I never ever thought that I would own a Neverfull. I'm more of a leather handbag person. I do have a Totally Mono and a Westminster DE, so I do have a few canvas handbags and I love them. They're both great handbags and so comfortable to carry and great for travel (DE especially).

Then something new happened for Spring/Summer 2014 - Epi Neverfulls! Oh wow - dare I try it? I oohed and awed over them every time I visited the Shop... but I never tried them.

Until one day I had found the cutest Summer top in White/Corail. MY SA said have you seen the NF that matches it?

I got them both and have "never" looked back. I love the Neverfull! :woohoo:


Feb 8, 2014
I agree with Tulip2 I LOVE the neverfull. It's just so functional and easy access. I purchased a neo nf in fuschia and then the azur nf. I was sooooo tempted to get the ebene one for Fall, but forced myself to pic a different bag. I purchased a speedy b 30 in ebene and I gotta say, I'm really struggling with it. It's so so gorgeous, but such a pain to get in and out of. I guess it's a fail for me, but I'm not giving up on it quite yet. 😜😍

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Apr 30, 2014
I too didn't think I would be sporting a NF but I reach for it all the time. In fact, I am poolside with it right now!
Very useful and versatile bag, especially when you have children who hand you things to "hold" for them! :smile:


Jul 4, 2007
United States
The Turenne MM...loved it in pictures and modeling shots but when I ordered it and got it...so disappointed. It just didn't suit me and I returned it. It's a great bag, just not on me boohoo