Which items from RESORT DENIM are you planning on getting?

  1. which oness ladies?
  2. i plan on getting the...

    -shoulder bag
  3. i don't think I'll be getting one but the flats the girls were raving about were really cute, saw them at bloomies.
  4. ooh
  5. just the flats.:heart:

    the bags aren't my taste...
  6. the wristlet and...
  7. i cant seem to find that line on the website...anyone help me?
  8. I actually am not attracted to any piece for the denim line, i dont like the denim at all! but perhaps someone will change my mind when they buy something!
  9. you have to search by style number...
    a few posts down (the other resort denim thread) has them on the last page somewhere...
    (i would copy them but computer is being dumb...grr)
  10. I don't find the line that attractive, either. I like the denim signature with the white trim and the little scarves, but the lacing on the edges just ruins it for me.
  11. the wristlet is mine =]
  12. I want the should bag & flats!! I actually like the white lacing on the bag.
  13. hautemama and kallison I agree. If its signature i like black on black or khaki and brown.
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