Which item we need to purchase to get a buffer cloth from Chanel?

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  1. Hello all, I just bought a Chanel small classic flap beige Chevron In Caviar (19S). I saw some of the posts that in the package , it will include buffer cloth. Sadly, mine didn’t comes with it. Any idea if I will be able to get it from them or it does not comes with it? And I’m curious which items will comes with the buffer cloth.

    Thanks all in advance!!
  2. I did not get for my woc ,so I asked my SA and she sent one for me .
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  3. I got it with my purchase of small classic. Ask for one and you should get it.
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  4. Pretty sure they are standard with the classics, inside the white fold-out there is a slot for it. Just ask the person you purchased from to send you one.
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  5. Should be standard with all handbags, but not SLG. Just call or ask your SA for a cleaning cloth.
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  6. Pretty sure I got one with my Boy Bag
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  7. Me too
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  8. What do they look like? Never heard of a buffer cloth
  9. Ohhohhh I will call up them to request for one. I was thinking if caviar leather will not have it. Thanks for all the replies babes :smile:

    Btw below is a buffer cloth. This isn’t mine tho.

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  10. I got one more with my last bag.

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  11. I manage to get them to get me a buffer cloth too! :smile:)
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