Which item of clothing can you just not wear?

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  1. For me it's shift dresses. I love them, such a clean look, but no matter how slim I get they have never looked right on me. And believe me I have tried a heck of a lot of the things over the last fifteen years.
  2. I never minded much, but this year short shorts are in and I just can't do it! My thighs are big and my butt is very big so no matter what, shorts that are more then an inch above my knee look inapropriate and slutty. I also look terrible in anything baggy. Boyfriend jeans are no good for me and I can't do shift dresses either. Most fashions are made for very slim girls. My clothing needs to be very tailored or fitted to avoid looking overweight.
  3. Sleeveless dresses (without some sort of cardi/shrug/wrap), short shorts (the look isn't my style anyway!), super mini skirts, dropped waist dresses (so unflattering, generally speaking, unless you're a stick figure, which I am NOT), high waisted jeans (sorry, but attention to my hips - no thank you!), and I'm sure there are other things I can't think of. I know what works for my body and gravitate towards those silhouettes. :smile:
  4. maxi dresses- i love them, they just don't love me.
  5. Me too!

    So far Haven't found a Maxi dress that does not make me look prego.
  6. Unwearable for me because of my large bust:

    tube tops
    the basic tee
    spaghetti strap tanks

    I live in drop waist dresses, skinny jeans/pants, skirts, blouson tops and heels.
  7. Strapless - no bust
    Skinnies - thunderthigh
  8. omg skinny jeans!!!!
  9. belted dresses or shirts (or sweaters). I'm tall and reasonably thin, but have hardly any waist. A belt just accentuates my thick waist. When they talk about what "fruit" shape you are, I have to say, I'm not a pear or an apple--I'm a banana! hahaha!!
  10. Strapless items, and spaghetti straps are the absolute worst for me.
  11. I should add that I also don't wear strapless haha, but if I don't wear sleeveless, that goes without saying. :P
  12. microshort/mini dresses...If I were in my twenties...
    strapless dresses
  13. Animal print, except now in small doses (bracelet, shoes, trim)
    Although I got a leopard greyish maxi that looks good.



    Puffy sleeves

    Bohemian things don't look good on me.
  14. Strapless - not.

    Mostly anything without a defined waist - maxidresses and anything that drops straight from the bust just makes me look like I'm pregnant but not glowing.