Which item next? Suggest me something!

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  1. Okay, here is the thing. I love to shop something when I am abroad. I am going to Rome next week and I think that if I find something from Chanel I could buy it there. The problem is that I just do not know what, that´s why I need your help.
    I like to plan my shoppings beforehand, think about it through and feel that it matches with my wardrobe as well as it suits my lifestyle. So spontaneous shoppings at the store are not my thing.

    From Chanel I have black caviar GST with silver, black caviar jumbo with gold and navy caviar mini mini with silver -needless to say, I love dark bags and caviar. (I just bought a new black Empreinte Lumineuse from Louis Vuitton). I am in love with this new fuchsia but I am afraid that light-color and lambskin are too fragile for me..

    I do not use clutches or wocs or wallets. I have great wallet, and clutches and woc do not suit my lifestyle - i have no need for those, they are too elegant for me.

    I was thinking getting another mini.. or perhaps a camera bag... or some earrings.. or that new little pouch where you can put your iPhone + some cards etc (has anyone the price or code for this?).

    My budget is about 1500 eur / 2000 usd (can be more or less depending on item, but many bigger bags are too much because it is just "a souvenir" and I have some Prada & Hermes-plans for Rome too ^^).

    I appreciate your help!:happydance:
  2. First, enjoy Rome! It's such a wonderful city, and don't forget to go to Trastevere for a late dinner.

    If you are just looking for a Chanel 'souvenir', I would suggest buying a necklace or a brooch (I love those).
  3. The minis are adorable -- saw a black and white one at soho on Thursday.
  4. Rome !!! I loved Rome! The food, the sights!! Have fun!! A camera bag sounds fun and different than what you have already! May be a little outside your budget but I like the style.
  5. How much they are?
  6. I'd say earrings or necklace given your budget!! Have fun in Rome
  7. The little cellphone bag and new earrings. :tup:
  8. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets & shoes!
  9. Earrings!
  10. I'm not sure I just like the style Im guessing they are in $3000 range usd
  11. enjoy rome!!! I would go with earrings :smile:
  12. Another mini and earrings! Have fun in Rome!:sunnies