Which is your 'What-was-I-thinking LV Bag?"

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  1. Hi everyone, Im sure some of us had bought bags that we regret buying. Be it for its non-functionality or its price. Name one that up to today you still wish you hadnt bought it. Lemme start it off...Mine was Sistina. Although it looks pretty on d outside, it wasnt that practical to use, at least, not for the price i paid. Sorry if this topic has been discussed before.:biggrin:
  2. My Rouge Bedford, the Vernis style of the Papillon!

    The opening was too stiff, I could hear everything rolling around inside the bag and when I put it down it would not stand up straight, it would roll to one side. I bought it cause it was luscious Vernis and Rouge!! But it irritated me soooo much so it has found a new home now!
  3. For me, it's my Sonatine. Part of me really likes it - but another part hates it. I should have thought about it more and waited.
  4. LOL! gre8dane..the way u put it was so funny that I laughed it out and my DH just came over and tried to read what i was reading...i just told him he won't understand.
  5. :lol::lolots:
  6. Mines not expensive or anything but i still don't know why i bought my Damier pochette accessoires lol It just sits in its box brand new... i probably should have bought a wallet or something id use
  7. This just happened yesterday actually... the Cheche Gypsy.
  8. hmm none at the moment. I haven't been using my Roses pouchette...or ANY pouchette now that I think about it, so I don't know why I want to keep collecting them lol
  9. Is this the new Gypsy LV bag? If it is...please post photos!

    Ok, back to topic...for me I went a little crazed with the Zippy Coin Purse...bought it first in Black MC and loved it so I bought it in White MC, Damier Ebene, Mono, Vernis! Not being the type to change a wallet, I ended up selling all but one!
  10. Yeah...my Damier ebene T&B mini pochette (which I rarely use) and Hampstead PM (beautiful but for some reason I don't love wearing it as much as other bags...)
  11. Maybe my mini pochette. It's cute and useful for inside a bag. But just on it's own? Not so much...
  12. Mine was a Boulogne. The zipper never laid the way it was supposed to so I sold it.
  13. rose pop cles. I thought I had to have it but when I got it I did nothing with it. it has never been out the box *sigh*
  14. for me it was the cherry blossom papillon.It never sat on my arm right ..would go to the right or left..It has the 2 snaps so have to sit it down to upsnap or it opens just one sided.. I always feared messing it up,and also thought it looked way to dressy to just bring anywhere so sold it ...then had sellers remorse ..bought another went through the EXACT same thing with bag #2 --DUH... sold it ...I still love the cherry blossoms line just need maybe a pouch to keep the lvoe alive here?? LOL!!! :blush::confused1::rolleyes:
  15. not at the moment...i hope i dont have that kind of bag lol!