Which is your no. 1 love?

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  1. Being curious....... :nuts:

    If you have the following categories to rank, which is the most loved 'non-living thing' in your life (i.e. if you have money to spend, which would you buy first)? :biggrin:

    - purses/ bags and wallets
    - electronics (e.g. ipod, laptop)
    - diamond accessories
    - nice watches
    - nice clothes
    - others (?)

    For me, I would rank it in the following manner:-
    Most love (1) - nice watches
    (2) purses/ bags and wallets
    (3) diamond accessories
    (4) electronics (i.e. my O2 mini!)
    Least loved (5) - nice clothes
  2. leaving out thinks such as cds, books, trips that remain always my favourite things, i'd say
  3. Of those things:

    1. Nice clothes
    2. Electronics
    3. Diamond jewelry
    4. Handbags
    5. Nice watches
  4. from the choices:

    1- clothes
    2- handbags
    3- watches
    4- shoes
    5- jewelry (let the hubby worry about this one)
    6- electronics (let the hubby worry about this one)
  5. 1) my car, I looove my car and most of my money would go towards it's upkeep
    2) handbags
    3) shoes
    4) clothes
    5) electronics, especially computers
    6) books
  6. 1) handbags
    2) nice clothes
    3) electronics
    4) books
    5) watches
    6) shoes (alot of cute shoes don't really fit me because of my wide feet :cry:smile:
  7. 1. handbags
    2. clothes
    3. my car
    4. electronics
    5. anything music related (CDs, concert tickets, etc)
    6. jewelry
  8. 1. Shoes
    2. Jewelry
    3. Charitable contributions for animals in need
    4. clothes
    5. Handbags
  9. 1. Jewelry - I design, but don't usually wear that much. But, it is my "true love".
    2. Handbags
    3. Diamonds
    4. Clothes
    5. Watches - This would have been my first choice in high school.
    6. Electronics - My husband's #1.
  10. Mine would be;
    1. Clothes (for myself and my 9 month baby girl!!)
    2. Handbags
    3. Shoes
    4. Electronics (LOVE LOVE LOVE my Ipod video)
    5. Anything and everything else not nailed down!
  11. - clothes
    - bags/wallets
    - accessories
    - electronics
  12. bags
    electronics in that order lol
  13. Perfume
  14. watches :shame:

    handbags :love:

    diamonds :P

    electronics :suspiciou

    clothes :sick:

    thanks 4 the topic :smile:
  15. I added the first one:

    GAS ( My car won't run on water)
    Nice Clothes (always re doing my wardrobe, must look good before purses, to look good with)
    Purses (Addict)
    Jewerly ( Always... want more earrings)
    Electronics ( Have all I need at the moment)
    Shoes ( too many, so it'll be awhile till I need more)
    Watches ( I have one gucci, thats all I need)
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