Which is your favourite Mulberry Purse/Wallet

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  1. Have just been on the mulberry website....can't decide which is the nicest
    purse.The purple patent mabel looks divine.I don't know if it would crack easily.
  2. Have you seen the size of these , I ordered one from local HOf for my midnight mabel bag.

    They are massive , you could have this as a clutch bag on its own .

    The SA most of been really p***y with me as I said I had changed my mind and didn`t want it!!
  3. :bump:

    I have decided to save up for a new purse/wallet. I currently have the small wallet in chocco, which is great, but quite small, & fiddly as you have to turn the whole purse around to get from coins to cards/notes. It's good being small in that I have to regularly clear out all the receipts! Wondering about the long locked wallet but concerned about the sticky out postmans lock.

    So.......do you have a Mulberry purse, & if so which one? Do you like it or not? Which one would you choose if you were to get a new one?
  4. I use the long locked wallet daily. The turn key lock is great because I don't have to worry about outer zips breaking or receipts getting caught in zips. There is an inner zip compartment for coins, plenty of space for cards, receipts and money. I picked black because it gets a lot of wear and I was afraid of it getting grubby.
  5. I think my best wallet issss... this one [​IMG]
    it has lots of places for cards and a place for bills.
    I bought it used and.. I just still like it a lot! :okay: I used to use it when I was shopping because I don't like to use cash - I use magic plastic cards :graucho: and when I go to coffee shop I tend to leave coins for tips.. evn though I don't believe in tips but.. I don't like the change :nogood:

    Now I just have to deal with change all the time so this darling is having a loooong holiday.
  6. aine, I asked this very same question a few months back!

    I have a choc Emmy purse which is great, lots of space for cards, notes, receipts, etc, and even a little photo slot. It's a great style purse imo.

    I've now bought an oak long locked purse and I absolutely love it. It is so easy to get in/out of and has plenty of space for notes and receipts. I thought six credit card slots might be a problem, but it turns out I don't use most of the cards I had anyway, so I've had a clearout and all's well!
  7. Oops, forgot to say that the little turnlock on the long locked purse isn't really a problem. I just turn the purse towards the middle of whatever bag I'm using so that it doesn't rub against the suede. I usually have other stuff in my bags so the little lock hits the stuff rather than the inside of the bag, if that makes sense.
  8. I have the raspberry spazzalato Maggie purse which is a lovely colour and actually more hard wearing than I first thought. I've had it since October, it gets chucked around a bit and the scratches are minimal. It's really big so fits all my cards etc in and is a bit different with the way it closes at the front. Thumbs up from me (but then I did get it for less than half price!)
  9. I use 2 Mulberry purses, my favourite is the small Smithfield, because it fits in the zippocket of Bays.
  10. bump...

    Any more opinions on favorite wallets? Eyeing the long locked wallet and the small zip around wallet but open to others as well!
  11. I love my long Mabel purse - it has so many compartments & is great for every day use. Id highly recommend it!! :biggrin:
  12. I have a regular mabel purse. When I bought it I contemplated sending it back because of the size (I was used to much smaller purses) now I am used to it I love it. It is red goatskin and really soft to the touch yet retaining its shape perfectly - I sound like I am on commission.