Which is your favourite LV bag of all time?

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  1. The one I've been drooling over the most lately (but wouldn't actually buy any time soon) is the multicolore speedy 30... both colors...

    impractical... but I love them... :smile:
  2. I would have to say the Vernis mercer and the sac flanerie are the most beautiful bags ive ever seen. One day I hope Im lucky enough to own one
    1. Black Epi Alma with gunmetal hardware.
    2. Black Multicolor Speedy
  3. mono papilon :heart:
  4. Mizi Vienna or the Waltz Dora. =)
  5. these are not real, please do not buy from them. They are fake replica, by promoting this site, you are promoting fake goods.
  6. its changes all the time...right now my Silver speedy!!!
  7. My favorite bag is the speedy, it's so timeless and classic.
  8. Of what I own I would say my black MC speedy!
    In terms of a lust bag that I could never afford.....a lizard Cerises piece.
  9. my fav bag of all time: white multicolore keepall 45. i want two. i have zero. *cries*
  10. Congrats!

    My favorite changes all the time...usually my most recent purchase or the one I am using. Right now it is my silver miroir speedy. Most of September and October is was aurelia gm, white.
  11. special order Damier Cabas Mezzo
  12. My biggest love is Cherry Blossom Retro Sac:love: :love: :love: . I want it so so so badly:crybaby:
  13. love them all....
  14. Gosh, too many to choose from, there's sooooo much LV I love.:shrugs: