Which is your favourite LV bag of all time?

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  1. Believe it or not, out of all my bags, my monogram speedy 30 is my favorite.
  2. Currently...my Suhali plum Le Tal :smile:
  3. Hi BklynG, I totally understand how you feel. It is the same way with me. In this case, it is not the most expensive LV bag I own, and in terms of wearability, it is not as practical as my BH. However, the Cerises Speedy has somehow always eluded me and hopefully this time, it will be mine soon !
  4. For men...that's ME! The Utah Wichita

    and for all you lovely ladies, either the speedy 25 or Manhattan PM!
  5. right now, my damier speedy 30.......

    congrats on your new speedy, BTW.....
  6. mage im getting her next friday:love:
  7. Fuchsia baggy pm!
  8. CONGRATS on you speedy!!!:yahoo:
  9. Cerises speedy
  10. the Dalmation bag. I'm so sorry I never got one. Does anyone have a pic so I can at least see it again?
  11. Congrats on your speedy!

    Well...in my current collection...I still have to stick to my petit bucket! It was my first actual shoulder bag (my true first was my pochette, but she's more like a clutch to me!). Not too big and not too small, and I still manage to fit a lot in there (despite it being dissed).

    I still love my other babies, though!
  12. To be honest, I don't have an altime favorite. Each is unique.
  13. Congrats on your speedy! That is a nice bag!! While I love my mono 30...That Oscar Waltz Irene has (with pics!)...TDF! And my stare-at-bag (the person holding it prob thinks I am a loon) is the MC speedy, either colour but I LOVE the black MC best.
  14. I would have to say that my favorite all time is also my pink/brown cherry blossom papillon. First because I have always admired them and secondly because I love butterflies and that's what the bag is called!

    When they first came out, I didn't really pay attention to it and then one day I saw someone with it and absolutely fell in love.
    So, I would look at ebay every once in a while trying to find the perfect one but I really wanted with one lots of cherry blossoms and in particular I wanted one with two conga lines, but it was hard to find and the ones that I did find were so expensive.

    Until last year, I found the perfect one for me. Two conga lines, one on the top and one on the front bottom and evenly matched CB on the ends as well. :love: She was also selling the matching Key cles with it.

    Plus, she had the actual boxes from that year and the beautiful purple ribbon, which happens to be my favorite color.

    I can't even tell you the excitement I felt opening up the packages!!!

    I also got the bag and cles for a wonderful price, so I really got lucky!!
  15. Mizi Vienna and Waltz Oskar:love: