Which is your favourite LV bag of all time?


Jeans and Heels
Mar 7, 2006
Congrats on the Speedy! : )

As for my favorite bag, I would not be able to pick from all the Louis Vuitton bags made-that's too hard for me; I love a lot of them. From my personal collection I would say my Suede Theda is my favorite bag at the moment, I am looking to purchase another LTD bag very soon.


Oct 31, 2006
I never paid attention to LV until I've noticed a CB collection. But obviously it was too late to get one since if LE item is out - then it's been sold out months before it even hit the stores. SO., Ebay prices were outrageous and I couldn't bring my self to buy even the most common piece. For many years I've considered a RED/CREAM CB Papillon a Holly Grail of LV and couldn't even imagine ever getting one.

Mean while I kept distracting my self with Cerise, Denim and even Suhali, but when I finally scored "The Holly grail" last year, (Thank you again Linda! - I know you're a member of this board), I've realized that not one LV bag I ever owned, or even wanted brought out the feeling that I still have for my CB until this day.

I don't know why, what's with this bag??...maybe because it was so hard for me to get, or maybe I am just a sicko...lol:smile: But seriously I would never give it up, not even for triple or quadruple the price:smile:

Sorry for the long post!