which is your favourite epi colour??? black or red?

  1. i'm thinking of getting a epi pocket agenda to use as a long wallet...:heart:

    currently there is black and red :drool:

    red screams attention, whereas black is more classy...

    i am undecided which colour to purchase and need the help from LV lovers here :sweatdrop:

    which is your favourite colour?
  2. Black for sure. But I am also not a red person.
  3. Black.
  4. I like the Black.
  5. I adore the red epi :love:
  6. Black - I brought this two weeks ago and love it!!:heart:
  7. black all the way.
  8. black is gorgeous and red is hot!!
    sorry I'm no help
  9. black
  10. I'd get red.. it'd stand out inside your purse and be easy to find!
  11. I LOVE red epi!!
  12. Oooh, I have this in RED. I use it as a checkbook holder. I love it. I didn't even consider the Black one as it is kind of bland looking.
  13. Red.
  14. I'd go with black, it'll look great inside any color bag you have.
  15. Now that I have an Epi bag in black and red, I can say that I really prefer the red!! It's so stunning, but not too bright.

    I say go for the red! It's so fun!!