Which is your favourite colour for the new 07 season??

  1. Haven't seen enough of it to know for sure, but I'm pretty sure its going to be cobalt. Followed by anthracite and natural.
  2. Grass green and french blue
  3. Grass green, French blue and Cafe.
  4. Anthracite, Truffe, and Blue Roi. :smile:
  5. Anthracite!
  6. none of them :sad:
  7. Natural, a beautiful neutral. The rest of the colors left me cold. The others same ole same ole plain Browns, blues and blues and more blues and more greens. Sheesh Balenciaga there are other colors out there.:p
  8. Thanks for sharing your opinion!
    I like cobalt and natural.
    But I need , I really need a pink balenciaga bag...who have a bubble gum pink05 or a rose 2004 is very lucky!!!:girlsigh:
  9. That's such a pity!!!!! I sold my rose 04 city about one month ago, it was like new and we live in the same city,it would have been a great occasion! Such a pity!
  10. :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  11. Green!!!!!
  12. At first it was Vermillion but after seeing more pics and hearing it's not that orange I've changed my fave to French Blue.
  13. grass green and french blue
  14. my tentative answer is anthracite...but I haven't seen it IRL yet so....as far a colors I have seen IRL I say marine!
  15. For me anthracite as well, but again I have not seen it in IRL