Which is your favourite colour for the new 07 season??

  1. Hi friends,
    I'm looking for a new bag ( purse or part-time or other city....bah:confused1: ) for spring summer season...I seen the new colour palette but.....I wish like to read your opinion about which is your favourite colour about!
    Thank you!
  2. I would go for a marine or natural. I love them.
  3. Marine/ Blue Glacier/ Cobalt.....

    Che bello che c'è un'altra italiana....Ciao!
  4. grass green, french blue, anthracite :yes:
    on waitlist for the city
  6. Grass green, French Blue and Natural
  7. Ciao a te!!!
    Dove abiti?
    Anche tu malata di borse?:yahoo: :yahoo:

    Sorry for my reply in italian!!!!
    I wrote:
    hello to you! Where are you from? are you crazy for purse too?:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  8. Marine, Sea Green, French Blue, Blue Glacier....the list goes on and on and on...........
  9. The blue has my vote. Delicious
  10. Athracite, Vermillon, Glacier Blue
  11. If you wear white color a lot, I think Frech Blue will be a good choice. It looks very nice with white color outfit IMO.
  12. Grass Green and French Blue. They are just stunning (not to say the others are not, these are what I have seen with my own eyes and love! The Marine is pretty, but not a stand out for me, same for the Cafe and Truffle)

    I wish you well,

  13. natural with GH and french blue :heart:
  14. Naturel is gorgeous. Blu Glacier, too. The Vermillion looks divine for a red. Cafe is stunning. There are a whole bunch I haven't seen yet.

    I'm personally holding out for Anthracite.
  15. french blue & vert d'eau!!!