Which is your favourite cles?


Your favourite cles:

  1. Monogram Canvas

  2. Damier Canvas

  3. Epi Leather

  4. Vernis

  5. Cerises

  6. Suhali

  7. Monogram Multicolore

  8. Mini Lin

  9. Damier Azur

  10. Charms

  11. Groom

  12. Panda

  13. Other (please specify)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Which is your favourite cles? Please specify your choice and color... ;)
  2. Oops, I forgot to add in monogram perfo and cherry blossom... :P Can't seem to find the edit button for the poll...
  3. I like the always classic canvas, mini, epi range...
  4. i dont have any but i reallly like the epis. think they are soo cute
  5. I adore panda-anything panda
  6. It has to be cerises!
  7. I voted for the Charms Cles. I have one in taupe.
  8. i think the Groom cles is quite cute, it might be my first cles!!!!
  9. Perfo! because it fits so much!
  10. I love all my cles! Hmmm, my perfo is great because it's huge, but I love my mandarin epi, beige vernis, cerises, black MC, and blue mono mini so much too, I guess the one I like the least now is my regular mono canvas because I like my cles to have a little kick of color to them.
  11. Pink on pink CB cles. Mmm.. so limited.
  12. I voted 'OTHER'. I love, love, love my Perfo cles
  13. Vernis is soooo pretty in any color!
  14. cerises for me. shame i didnt get one when it was out. i so wish i had now
  15. I voted for the charms because it's the roomiest IMO. I also love the little lock on it :smile: