Which is your favourite - Bayswater / Elgin / Roxanne??

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  1. It says it all in the title really, which one is your all time favourite bag out of those 3? Which do you reach for most, & why? I know some of you have 2 or even all 3 of them & my trip to Bicester yesterday made me wonder about the top choice for these big bags.
    Look forward to hearing your opinions!!:lol::lol:
  2. I've got all 3 :yahoo::lol:

    I haven't actually used the Roxanne yet as it's a summer bag but I use the other 2 a reasonable amount, I suppose. My favourite is definitely the Elgin. It's such a simple, plain classic bag - I adore it :heart: Mine is chocolate darwin, which is gorgeous, and it was the first Mulberry bag I ever bought. I'd never part with it :nogood:

    But I think it depends on your lifestyle as to which bag you'd find the most useful - they're obviously very different.
  3. I've only got the Roxanne which was bought very recently. I've just started using it and love it. I admire the Bayswater as a design classic & always pick one up to try when I'm at Shepton but it's not a style that suits me.
    I am considering an Elgin though - now I have a Roxy I think it's another style that would be a great every day bag.
  4. Hmm, that's a tricky one. I love the styling of all 3, but when it comes down to actually using them, well that's been a bit of a saga for me :lol:

    Loved the Elgin, but ended up selling mine, as I found it just too long in the body for me (I'm 5'4)

    The Roxanne is def iconic, and gorgeous but I have never been able to get on with all those straps, so that's been a no go for me too :girlsigh: (Ended up with a Belgrave - reminds me of the Roxy, but I find it easier to get in and out of!!)

    Now the Bayswater I do get on with. Great size, easy to carry, easy to use and get to all my stuff. :heart: it!!
  5. I have the Roxanne and ...hmmm ... a couple of Bayswaters. I love both styles and use them a lot. I think the Roxanne looks particularly fab with otherwise boring office outfits while the various Bays are great with just about anything, so I'm unable to choose between them. I don't have an Elgin in my collection yet though I'm sure it must be easy to use.
  6. I cant possibly pick!! Either bayswater or roxanne... I'll have to have a think about it...

    ETA: Ive never been overly fussed about the elgin, however a regular customer (in the place where I previously worked) had an oak one and it looked gorgeous. But of course they are not available now are they?

    Blimey If I ever need a big bag I will have a seriously hard job deciding which one to go for!
  7. Mmmm,I have all three styles.The Rox and Elgin,I use most of the time depending how much I need to carry,and as they are choc and oak respectively,pretty much anytime of year.The Bays I have is baby pink,so thats definately a summer bag for me.

    I think it would come down to the Rox and Elgin for me,and I would go for the Rox everytime!
  8. I have Roxy and Bays (Elgin would be nice too :graucho:). My favorite is def. Bayswater. It might be best purse ever, so easy to use, fits nicely on shoulder too, looks GREAT, holds a lot (inc. A4s), it's true classic etc. I could keep going with this list forever :P

    So, I'm huge fan of Bayswater. The problem is: I have only one, I want more :cursing::cursing:

  9. I have noooo idea :s I lost my faith on bays because I dreamed of it so long and it turn out to be wrong for me.

    Maybe I just love my soho :heart:
  10. I knew this would stir up some opinions:graucho:
    I'd like some more, so keep them coming...........remember it's the one you would choose if you could only use one!!!!!! :flowers:
  11. Out of those I only have the bayswater. Initially i wanted an Elgin but after purchasing a fake one off e-bay the whole experience kind of tainted the bag for me. Roxy for me is too boxy and too many straps. My fave would be the bayswater!
  12. I only have the Bays out of the three, although I am after a choco Roxy.

    Jo - how about your Jacqueta??? Saw one in choco on Ebay!!! hint hint

  13. Yes watching it but not sure how i feel about a second hand bag!:rolleyes:
  14. I know what you mean, but the leather would be worn in and it looks really nice! Isn't that bag similar to the Babington? Jacqueta just looks really comfortable to carry and very classic.
  15. There was a mauve one at SM. Not a great colour but the bag shape was good, I tried it & it was v comfy & sat well on my shoulder.