Which is your favourite bag for each season?

  1. Which bag do you carried the most(your absolute favourite) during each season? Either spring/summer and fall/winter; or each season- spring, summer, fall and winter? How do you normally choose/match? Example, according to colors or durability of the bag(s)- such as carry bags with less vachetta when it's raining/snowing, etc?
  2. I don't carry my bags according to the seasons, it's summer and I still carry my Mini Lin Speedy which most people would consider a fall/winter bag. I just carry whatever I like! Mono goes with almost anything IMO so I carry it year-round.
  3. I rotate year round....mono works year round...same with MC and vernis...love my ph, speedy 30, tulum and LH for everyday...more dressy I go roxbury in pomme and black MC casual or dressy depending on how I feel...LV is all seasons...love rotating my bags every couple of days I feel so lucky to be able to do that..it is like having a wardrobe of handbags..I could not handle more than 5 or 6 LV's though....
  4. i don't believe in bags being seasonal. i carry my bags based on my outfit, my mood, and the occasion.
  5. Me too! Anyway, the bag I've carried the most this year is my beverly gm since its size is so practical. I've carried it rain and shine, and the leather still looks great no stains.
  6. It depends on what i'm wearing
  7. Whatever I feel like... So I'm no help.
    I guess all my bags for each season? :p
  8. I live in California and there's 4 seasons here. All style bags are great with all seasons depending how I dress.
    If I'm dressed up, I use my Vernis Roxbury in pomme, if I wear brighter colored clothing I use my darker colored bags like my Mono, damier canvas, or mini lin speedy in ebene. I usually grab my mono bags because it matches with a lot of outfits.
  9. We don't really have seasons here -- it is hot and not so hot:p I usually wear my suhali lockit and sometimes my shoe bag in summer:heart:
  10. Thanks for the input, everyone! The place I'm at right now, it's basically summer all year round, so I don't really have to care about matching my bags with the season, in fact, I don't even know what goes with which season! :blush: Lol... :p Just wondering how other people in countries with these seasons do it, so that IF I ever go to a particular country on a particular season, I'll get a rough idea on how to blend in and know which (LV) bag(s) to bring. :p
  11. I am no help either. I used to have "summer" bags and "winter" bags but I don't anymore. Lately I rotate between my speedy and my baggy pm. I use one for a few weeks and then take out the other. Sometimes it depends on where I am going - if I am shopping I like a shoulder bag etc.
  12. It more depends on what I'm wearing and where I'm going but I do tend to carry my Ellipse more than anything else at the moment.
  13. Here in Western NY, we have 4 seasons:
    1. Mostly winter
    2. Brief episodes of spring
    3. GORGEOUS, but short summers
    4. Chilly autumns

    Summer is so PRECIOUS, so we really get into wearing summer clothing, sandals, and summer bags. This year, its my Denim Baggy GM in Lichen (the mossy green.) But, I already have a brand-new Damier Speedy 30 ready-to-go for Fall (which I hope doesn't come for a L-O-N-G time! I'm enjoying the SUMMER.)
  14. I'm so bad. I go with what outfit i'm wearing, sometimes I change everyday!!!
  15. I live in SoCal, so there really isn't seasons.

    I take whatever bag I am in the mood for that day.