Which Is Your Favorite?

  1. Which print & bag style combination is your favorite? Just curious. So far, mine is Foresta Ciao Ciao!
  2. Most functional that I use and love: Citta Ciao or Inferno Zucca but bambinone may rival!

    Haven't used yet but pet it each day: Citta Bocce
  3. my fave would be my camo black bella.... no, my new playground bella bella...... mmmm, my foresta ciao ciao.... lol. i think i love ALL my bags and prints. but definite fave styles are the bellas and ciao ciao. :yes:
  4. I think right now....my favorite style OBVIOUSLY is BELLA and my favorite BELLA is oh goshhhhhhh no no i can't choose one. I love them all lol.
  5. That is my favorite bag too! I have been using mine for the past couple of weeks. :heart:
  6. I can't choose one. I mean I REALLY can't. I LOVE my OP Bella Bella, all my Zuccas, my Bambinones, my Portas, my Denaros....
  7. Right now mine is pirata gioco.. or maybe inferno zucca, I can't pick between them!
  8. Mine was the Spiaggia Bambinone, but that's just 'cause Casey picked out the most kick-ass print placement ever for it :smile:

    Now I have a really awesome Citta Rosa BV which I look forward to using in the future..

    but I have to say the Inferno Bella that Diane from Southampton got for me with very few cut offs (& pink ipod devil girl!) on the zipper side has to be my all-time fave, hence I switched back to it today. :biggrin:
  9. my paradiso stellina...perfect size for everyday and i just love the placement on mine! lindsey kicks booh-tay!
  10. haha jessaka, you made me laugh so hard. you don't have to choose, you obviously love them all equally.
  11. We need to start a club! hehe!
  12. amore zucca... *siiiiiiighhhh* I want one so bad D:
  13. My favorite style is the stellina. I've always been a messenger bag girl. :smile:

    As for prints though, that's a harder question. I sincerely love parts of all of them! There's not one that jumps out to me as THIS IS MY FAVORITE!!!

    Not only that, I think it's impossible to get a favorite print/favorite style 'cause not many styles work well with the stellina. The least "offensive" one was the Adios Star in my opinion so that's what I have. :biggrin:
  14. The Spiaggia zucca!! But only with the placement I have!! I haven't seen any other Spiaggia zucca's that I liked as far as placement goes...
  15. I'm glad I could make you laugh :yes: haha..i :heart: my amore gioco & spiaggia bambino too..but shh don't tell them that I only got them cuz I thought bellas weren't going to be made cuz Pulse didn't get them :push: