Which is your favorite shoulder bag??

  1. Hi!
    Still haven't decided what to do with my Neverfull MM and need a change from my Piano (maybe a tad small) and these are my thoughts on everyday, shoulder bags:
    1. Batignolles Horizontal
    2. Lockit Horizontal (is this a true shoulder bag?)
    3. Popincourt Haute (on the small side???)
    4. Vavin GM (do they still make this? I like the simple, clean look and no vachetta on bottom!!!)
    5. Cabas Mezzo (i love big bags, but too big for everyday?)
    Please, please ..I'd love to hear your opinions!!!!
  2. I do love my BV....sometimes though the straps fall off my shoulders...but it's a good sized bag!

    I also LOVE the popincourt haut....although you're right it is a little small.

    I really think it depends on your needs.....if you want a beach tote or a mommy tote, then a Neverfull is pretty good. If you need something sturdier for work stuff, then a BH/BV is good too!
  3. I agree the main thing to keep in mind is your needs. I am assuming you are concerned about the bleeding with the Neverfull (gathered from your other post) and I don't blame you, that is a problem. I love both the BH and the Cabas Mezzo. The BH is a more everyday size for the average person, but again it all depends what you carry. I need to lug around loads of files, papers and books so for me the Cabas Mezzo is perfect. Both bags are stunning, it just depends on the load you intend to carry!
  4. Have you thought about the Petit Noe? Everyone says how roomy they are and that the one large shoulder strap is comfortable. I love how they look once they're broken in. :smile:
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  6. I looooove the Vavin GM and the Musette.
  7. I don't like the Petit Noé because i'm very busy to search for the stuff in all these Noés and petit Noés. I like the look, but for me it isn't comfortable.
    The Popincourt haut is a very very agreable and nice bag !:tup:
  8. Though you didn't mention anything in Damier and probably don't like it, for me the Chelsea is the perfect shoulder bag!
  9. Hampstead MM - best buy in my book!
  10. Hmmmm... I don't have any real shoulder bags yet. Are the Sunset & Mirroir Pouchette considered shoulder bags? (I don't cause their straps are too short for me -- fat arms and all!:p)

    But anyways....maybe I should look into a new purchase.....in the shoulderbag department. You guys are giving me some great ideas here!
  11. I have a Popincourt Long and love it! I say go the Popincourt route.
  12. Bh
  13. I like the petite noe or hamstead mm. Both are great shoulder bags imo.
  14. BH all the way! It is the FIRST bag I have ever owned that I wasn't "over it" after a month :smile:
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