Which is Your Favorite Hermès Store? & The One You MUST Get To?

Paris Danes

Birkin grandeur
Jan 25, 2009

1. First of all, I love NY so Madison Avenue Hermès with its spiral stairs with leather railing and Art Deco exterior. This is where I want to call home.
2. But I'm still waitng to go to Hermès, Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, CA to see all the celebrities along with Hermès famous architecture and amazing designs
1.Which is Your Favorite Hermès Store?
2. The OneYou MUST MUST Get To?


Jan 8, 2009
I have to say, any Hermès with a staircase is high on the list. The Beverly Hills, Chicago, Madison Avenue and FSH stores are just so much fun to walk into, and the FSH store in particular just truly makes my heart beat faster.

There is no ONE I must get to, because I have a problem that whenever I'm in a city with an Hermès store I usually end up in it. I used to get myself one tie from each H store I visited (back in the days when they were around $90USD). Then I realized how rarely I wear ties (and noticed how many of my ties still had the stickers on them) that I've tried to break myself of the habit.

With luck, in June I might be able to hit 6 H stores: Lisbon, Nice, Aix-en-Provence, Brussels, Stockholm, and.... nope, just 5 -- Helsinki seems not to have one. Yay! more time for sightseeing!:smile:


Aug 30, 2007
When I'm in NYC, I usually go to the Madison Ave store. If I were looking for something special, I'd call my SA at Wall St and go there, but if just popping in, it's Madison for convenience.

I've been to the BH store - don't like the SA's there - they'll ignore you even if the store is totally empty. Chicago is nice (nice SA there), but they have very little stock, and I think what they do have is reserved for their regulars, not drop-ins.

I HATED Sloan St in London - SA's had never heard of half the small leather goods I wanted to see and were generally indifferent. I've had good service at Bond St but was only looking for a scarf - have no idea what it would be like looking for a handbag.

FSH is my "must" store if I am in Paris. The selection is amazing. One often must wait to be helped, but I've always found the SA's very nice and helpful if I waited patiently. It's just an amazing store. I have not been to the other store in Paris - never enough time and I found what I wanted at the FSH anyway.


Ahh Money Penny...
Aug 23, 2007
I really like just wondering around FSH. Its action packed!! People flying in and out, beautiful bags coming out of the back, and tons of scarves!! Its my favorite and must get to as well!
Sep 12, 2008
Out of the few stores in the UK, I find the Manchester the nicest store. Even though it's probably the smallest store in the country I feel so at home there. The staff are all GREAT and it's so much more relaxed than the other stores.

Although I think most H enthusiasts wish to visit FSH at some point, as some sort of pilgrimage to H. (Or maybe its just me... lol) :heart:


down under
Aug 2, 2007
The Macau H network is my home.
My love affair with H started when there was only one H boutique there located at the Mandarin Hotel;
then came Wynn and now the Four Season's. They are all lovely, and between the three boutiques my H cravings are satisfied...except for the odd desire to be instantly gratified, then I go to the resellers.

The Melbourne H is good too...but not really well stocked :sad:

Of course, FSH is my "must get to" boutique. Last time I was in Paris, LV was the "must get to".
I'm off to Paris in June...roll out the red carpet please (j/k) :P


Aug 25, 2008
Someday I'd love to visit FSH, Beverly Hills and Madison. DH has been to BH and said they were really nice.

My favs so far are SF ("my" boutique :heart:), Las Vegas and SCP! :biggrin:

Hi dear, I am going to Vegas this coming weekend:yahoo: Do you think they have better selection than SFO since there have so many tourist visiting???

I vote-- BH
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