Which is your favorite face powder?

  1. Do you put powder on your face over your foundation or concealer? Loose powder or pressed? If so, which brand do you recommend?

    I always brush a bit of loose powder on over my foundation. I don't like an overly matte look or a cakey look, but I feel that powder evens out my complexion and helps the rest of my makeup to stay put a little better. I have been using Prescriptives Virtual Skin foundation and powder for years. It's time to buy a new jar of powder and I was wondering if I should try something new.
  2. chanel double perfection pressed powder! its so light and goes on silky...not greasy or heavy at all!
  3. Guerlain has very good loose powder, very fine.
  4. i use mineral foundation, so i use the bare escentuals mineral veil to set my look.
  5. I use Clinique face powder but I recently bought Dior Show Powder.
    I usually brush powder after foundation.

  6. Lola pressed and loose powders are great . They come in the cutest red pearlized cases too !

    Becca powder is also absolutely great . You can get them both online from Sephora .
  7. I like some basic kind by clique -- must look at the package.

    I've been trying this "air-brush" type by lancome and have to say that it gets too "finished" looking. It's so fine that it cakes up.
  8. Ahh--good to know. I was wondering how Lancome's and Chanel's latest powders are.

    Everyone seems to have a different favorite! I may have to try several!
  9. L'Oreal Translucide loose powder! Yep, one of my drug store faves. It's cheap and unscented, plus the texture is divine.

    I always dust it on my eyelids (foundation first then the powder) before putting on eyeshadow, and also a little under my lower lashes so no creases or smeared mascara. I don't put it all over my face because I have combo skin and it would be a little too drying. I like a little bit of dewiness.
  10. For low end, I like NYC Translucent Loose Powder. For higher end, I like MAC Pressed Blot and Jurlique Lavendar Silk Dust. All three set my makeup in place and control shine w/o making me breakout(I have acne prone skin, btw).
  11. I love t.leclerc's powders. I use the banana both pressed and loose. It's the best imo.
  12. My fave is Armani. I use the pressed, but I've also heard good things about the loose version.
  13. I like the NYC Translucent Loose Powder! Definitely one of my holy grails...and only $2.99! Sometimes on sale for $1.99. :yes: I've been trying to like the MAC Pressed Blot Powder I purchased a little while ago but it makes me look chalky and my skin look flaky. :shrugs:

    I'm still on the hunt for the perfect pressed powder. I tried the Stila ones before and they are just CRAP. :yucky: And I had to buy the powder and the compact separately. Ended up costing me almost $50, I think. It was just a mess. Everytime I went to open the compact, powder dust was all over the mirror. The powder was too heavy and clogged my pores. What a waste of money!
  14. Transparent Finish to Go by Allison Raffaele

    loose powder in a to-go brush container...and refillable. no mistakes and so easy. the brush is so soft and i just realized it's mink. they sell it at sephora.

    Alison Raffaele Transparent Finish To Go at Sephora
  15. I have several that I like alot all loose face powder, I vary day by day, the ones I most recommend would be:

    Giorgio Armani
    Shu Uemura

    To touch up my combination skin during the day I keep a compact of Mac Blot powder at work. Peggy