Which is your favorite city in the world?

  1. Which is your favorite city in the world that you've been to and why?

    Since I have visited hundreds of cities n 42 countries, it's a bit difficult to decide. At this moment in my life, I can definitely say that I'm a MEGACITY girl lol!

    My favorite city in each major continent is:

    Asia: TOKYO
    It's a megacity but it's so orderly and clean. It's totally an exotic place for me (even though I'm Asian) and I love Japanese food.

    Europe: PARIS
    I visit Paris several times a year to hang out. I just love strolling around Paris and enjoying the architecture and people watching.

    North America: NEW YORK CITY
    I love the buzzling life of Manhattan and all the culture, museums, theater, shops, restaurants and diversity in the city.

    South America: BUENOS AIRES
    I simply love Buenos Aires and it has so much to offer such as the theater, museums and MEAT lol!!!

  2. I visited Florence Italy a few years ago, and I still can't let it go!! Everything was beautiful!!!!!!! I hope to go back soon!
  3. Well I have never traveled outside of the US (just Mexico and Canada), but I have to say that my fav city is Vegas. I have lived there before and LOVED IT!! My Mom's family all still live there and that is a big part why I think it's my all time fav place : )
  4. Must be nice.

    Mine is Cairo. I love the culture and seeing the pyramids in the distance is pretty surreal.
  5. Paris.

    I grew up there. Fell in love for the first time there. Had my first heartbreak there. Came into my own there. In short, I became a woman in Paris and my heart will always be there.
  6. I've been just about everywhere so its a tough call.

    N. America- Toronto
    S. America- Buenos Aires
    Europe- Berlin (though london and paris tie for 2nd)
    Africa- Cape Town
    Middle East- Tel Aviv
    Asia- Hong Kong
    Australlia- Sydney
  7. Paris---I love their Museums, Monuments/Palaces, & Pastries.
    Rome---Besides the ancient ruins, gelato and the vibe. I find the people more friendly than Paris---no offense to anyone--just my experience.
    Venice---just like a fairytale---very picturesque
  8. TOKYO!
    NYC is a close second, though. :tup:
  9. WOW, TORONTO! what an honour!!
    are you from toronto? haha :lol:
  10. of course NEW YORK CITY!!!!!:yahoo::yahoo:
    but i love BELIZE,CENTRAL AMERICA(parents are from)
    a few other places
  11. i am a bit biased but i would say...NYC! haha..
    Dubai is my second choice, then Paris!
  12. Paris because I partly grew up there, and Zurich.
  13. Canterbury, England- because I studied abroad there and I'm obsessed
    London- spent so much time there when I was abroad that it feels like my second home, I can probably navigate it better than my own city!
    New York City- amazing atmosphere, plus it has everything you could ever want!
    Venice- picture perfect except for the pigeons in St. Mark's...ew
  14. haven't been to too many places worldwide, but my favorites are tokyo and paris!
  15. Europe: London.

    Caribbean: Bridgeport, Barbados.

    USA: Tie between Tulsa and Nashville :love: Oh, and Miami. I loved living in South Florida.

    I really want to go to Paris though!