Which is your favorite Chanel nail polish?


Which nail polish do you like more?

  1. Black Satin

  2. Noir Ceramic

  3. Vamp

  4. Fire

  5. Other

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I bought a bottle of Black Satin, Noir Ceramic, Vamp, and Fire. I love ALL of them but feel that I won't use them a lot, so I can't really justify keeping all four. I think I'll return either one or two. Please help me make a decision!

    I thought that maybe I'll return one of the blacks but they are SO different! Black Satin is a true black while Noir Ceramic is very shimmery (and FUN!). I love Vamp because it's a great sexy color and Fire is simply classic (Fire is a true red (no orange or blue undertones...just a true red color...very Marilyn Monroe-ish)).

    Please vote and let me know why you chose the colors that you chose (you can vote on more than one color).

    Thank you!
  2. i have BS/NC/vamp and i love vamp the most. it's so versatile you can wear with any outfit anytime of the year imo. have you tried madness? it's more brown with no shimmer (like in vamp). i love that one as well (in fact have it on right now, lol).
  3. I like vamp.
  4. ive never tried Vamp.. i saw madness but it didnt really suit me..

    ive got red dream and i like it.. its quite sweet its like a redish version of NC i love NC i think it looks super hot on everyone
  5. Black Satin is truly pretty IMO..Madness(brown/Chocolate) dont like ,Noir Ceramic Love the glitter, Wonderful so pretty and last I have Noir Blanc for my toes love it.
  6. My vote is Vamp
  7. out of those i'd return fire but purely because i far prefer pirate for a red. so that doesn't really help much :lol: i'd keep them all or exchange fire for pirate :roflmfao:

    then again i have two bottles of both noir ceramic and black satin and i buy pretty much every chanel nail polish that i like so i'm not a very good influence..
  8. I went to get Vamp (I had had bottles pre last year on hand) and guess what - they frickin changed the formula - I called the Chanel makeup person at Chanel and he confirmed there is a new formula that started with Oct shipments . . . I like the old one sooooo much better - darn! I put them side by side on my nails - the new one doesn't cover as well and is more magenta . . .
  9. I like Orient...it's a shimmery red. But they Chanel counter at Macy's is out so I'm waiting for the call that they got restocked.
  10. Vamp is my favorite but I'm eager to crack open my new bottles of Noir Ceramic and Black Satin. Fire is too "light" a red for me. I like more deep blood red- Pirate is my red of choice.
  11. I just woke up to a bottle of vamp as a breakfast birthday gift from my very very clever fella who heard me mention it once and still had to go to 4 shops here in the UK to track down a bottle.

    So far I've only painted my left thumbnail with it, but I :love: it
  12. my heart belongs to 2: Black Satin and Vamp
  13. So, no one likes Fire, huh? LOL

    Just like I mentioned before, I love the blacks and Vamp is just gorgeous. I guess Fire will have to go...I don't think I'm crazy about it, either!

    Thank you for your responses!
  14. PIRATE!!! :yahoo:Which reminds me, I need to touch up my toenails :shame:

    Oh, and I love both blacks, they're gorgeous :nuts: You need to keep those!
  15. I voted Vamp and ceramic, because vamp is THE signature Chanel color.
    and ceramic bc it's their latest trendy black. So, 1 classic and 1 trendy.