Which is your favorite and cannot-live-without Bbag in your collection???

  1. if you have only one, then name that one because it must be your favorite.

    my favorite is my teal first with my s/s '05 black city at a close second.

    i can't get to sleep and i have been sick for a week, so this is my entertainment. please indulge me.
  2. Definetely my 05' black city!
  3. Aww chigirl, hope you get well soon!

    Fav b-bag of all time: Eggplant city, seafoam first (a close second).
  4. Don't make me pick, please!?!! :begging face: :lol:

    chi sweety - ugh I can't believe your still sick, you need to get better girl! Poor thing :sad:
  5. So my favorite was my Turquoise 05 city , but needing funds I had to part with it and I sold it on eBay :sad: So by default I will have to say my black 05 city because my beautiful turquoise is gone......
  6. I had a seafoam wekender to that I also parted with , that was a stunner too
  7. It has always been my black first.
  8. My Ink City because that is the only one I own right now. But I feel the bbag obsession coming on strong!
  9. My black city--my first B-bag--will always be my favorite.
  10. Feel better Chi :*)
  11. thanks everyone! i think i have allergies or something with my sinuses. hasn't been fun. had to work all week (not Tues., but Mon.). hoping to recover this weeknd.
  12. Aw, it sucks that you're sick, chi!

    Picking a favorite bag is HARD!! But what comes to mind is my caramel shrug - it's the one I ripped out of another shopper's hands in NM and hugged to me and would not let it go. (I think I must have scared her, because she gave me a look and left quickly...) But also 04 rose clutch. And all the others.
  13. pewter first.
    my black 03 first is a very close second.

    ooops, forgot to say 'hope you get well soon!'
  14. Get well soon chigirl!! :flowers:
  15. mmmm. the dolma green city! :tender:

    get well soon m'dear!