Which is your favorite 2006 collection?

  1. Well, for me, Lv released too many colections together, the ones that i I know are:

    -monogram charms
    -monogram suede
    -monogram perfo
    -monogram denim (the new colors)
    -cruise collection

    And maybe it can count the new in metal, dont know the name...
    wich i your fave?
    The mine is the Perfo. it would be the suede but its so hard to clean and all the bags seem to be the same but in small, medium and large...
  2. I love the look of the suade; that would be my pick.
  3. I like the charms.
  4. Monogram then the Perfo, I love them both soooo much!
  5. Charms for S/S. I can't wait until the F/W lines come out.
  6. monogram denim
  7. Just about anything LV monogram.
  8. None! I hope Fall is amazing...
  9. New denim colors!
    I just ordered the fuschia neo speedy! Yayyyy!
  10. charms
  11. Charms !
  12. the monogram denim, but ONLY in blue. the new colors just don't strike my fancy in the least

    i actually don't like any of the new lines. they seem to be more of the trendy styles. i guess i'll always be a fan of the classic lines :hrmm:.
  13. I love the perforated line!
  14. Charms!!! Hands down my favorite!!!:biggrin:
  15. luckily for my wallet i haven't been too thrilled about the new stuff for 06'

    the fuschia speedy is cute though!