Which is Worse...

  1. Having a black teri AND a black turnlock faridah (f07) OR... a brick red multi pocket AND cardovan turnlock faridah. (I own a black teri and brick red multi pocket but MUST HAVE a turnlock faridah). and I really don't like stone or ocean.
  2. OR should I be a good girl and pass up =/
  3. Soooooo you have which teri already? Cordovan is gorgeous...and will be a great beautiful splash of color against your outfit AND the black is a basic that can go anywhere anytime. Using this rationale, I got both. Maybe you should too ;)

    Either way I think youre cool. Im the nut here...2 turnlock bowlers, 2 teri's, 2 faridahs, and 2 softy maxes.
  4. i have a black teri... and i feel like if i get a black faridah its practically the same bag. And the faridah's based on the multi pocket IMO and I have an MP in brick red so I feel like either way it's like I'm buying a bag exactly like I have. But I really reallyyyy love the faridah !! I had a DREAM about the faridah last night. I'M the nut. lol
  5. wait wait...are we talking about the turnlock faridah that looks like a loose variation of the teri...or the softy faridah (recently came out in buff, black, chalk) which looks a lot like the softy tote....(these are the ones that recently came out in chalk, chicory, camo)
  6. well from one nut to another...I'd get the cordovan teri. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous...and already sold out at Zappos and will be soon at Shopbop. They have em at NM but NM charges shipping and tax up the arse...so I'd go with Shopbop...and quick...if you were thinking about getting it
  7. By the way...hows your meringue softy max doin'?
  8. I would get to cordovan Faridah since I think that color will become the new "Firebird" color and become completely sold out! Plus, the color is really lovely IRL.

    By the way, I'm so jealous they have free ground shipping in the US! I have to pay another $40-50 for shipping if I wanted anything and it just doesn't seem worth it...
  9. The softy max is great!! I love it! I need to post pictures but my parents haven't even unpacked yet and I don't want to rummage through their stuff. I think I've decided on the the black faridah. I love the antiqued gold hardware with the soft black leather. I think it looks the most luxurious of the colors in the turnlock line.

    I'll do a triple wammy of pics when she gets here: faridah, softy and miss marc!!!