Which is the staple BROWN bag that you cant live without!?

  1. Ahh, the brown bag and the black bag (although my question is specifically about brown bags).

    The very cornerstones of our purse wardrobes and the two bags which carry us through the multitude of situations that is life. The bags that are not just staples, not just must-haves, but are ultimately the bags we will never let go of. The one that goes with everything, has the perfect hue of brown, and never fails you in its ability to perfectly bring to together your outfit of choice.

    Which bag is this for you?

    Tell me, I'd love to hear your thoughts!:heart:

    Here are some random brown-toned bags which I think are beautiful. I dont yet have an essential brown bag, and I am looking for one. I would love to see which ones you guys have, so that I might get some ideas!
    750352727_12.jpg yhst-52138418228198_1952_1742538.jpg dsp_ebay_thanksgiving_067.jpg prodImage.ms.jpg 200711020316781.jpg
  2. Mine is, surprisingly, a Juicy dark brown (almost black) plain hobo from last year. It's super soft butter leather, relatively plain in its design, but so easy to carry and fits a lot without being huge. Rosy pink satin lining, so it's easy to find stuff. Wide single strap so it stays on. I don't normally like Juicy bags, but this one has proven itself to be a staple.
  3. My favorite brown bag is one by Cynthia Rowley. It's a gorgeous hobo with the most luxurious leather ever!
    Cynthia Rowley Chain Strap Hobo.JPG
  4. Mine is a Chloe Tracey in chocolate. I just love that the color is so interesting that someone is always asking about it and I can use it day or night (although I usually just use it for day.) It's cute and practical (although a little heavy) and makes me feel good just to have it on my arm!
  5. Chloe Chocolate Betty. :heart: Super chic + fits everything + keeps me organized too!
  6. When I think "brown", I think of a chocolatey color, not too dark (dark brown) and not too light (tan, camel), like that Bulga satchel you posted. My favorite is Hayden-Harnett Hudson Hobo in cocoa. I tend to think of brown as a more casual color, too. You can't go wrong with any of the ones pictured, but for that color I like the Bulga or the BE best. MJ Venetia and Blake look better in brighter colors.
  7. I have the BE Love Me in chocolate and while it is gorgeous, I would love it even more if it were a darker chocolate brown, like the bittersweet color of the HH Gaza satchels or the HH Chocolate Nico. Not Rational makes a gorgeous naked chocolate brown (and a pretty hot patent chocolate too!) - but I would like to know what the first bag is in your pics - i'm intrigued!!! I also love my HH Nomad Hobo in bark as a nice light orangey brown and my NR naked cognac Fab is a beautiful medium-dark brown (not quite chocolate).
  8. For me BV makes the best browns. I just love the ebano which is a deep chocolate brown and the noce.:love:
    But I also love the chocolate brown by the Botkier Sasha which has a bordeaux tones in it.
    chanel 080.jpg lvdenim 016.jpg Botkier 033.jpg
  9. The Balenciaga Day in Mogano. I was actually going to get a different color, but this one came up at a good deal, and I totally :heart: the color after I got it!
  10. gorgeous color, isn't the Balenciaga cafe a dark brown too?? that is gorgoeus!
  11. These three are my faves!Can't choose just one...sorry:p
    BAGS 501.jpg BAGS 648.jpg BAGS 556.jpg
  12. Mine is the HH Ana - perfect size, gorgeous leather and color.
  13. I love my Brown Guccissima Horsebit Hobo
  14. I love my Prada tobacco leather drawstring hobo. The leather is incredible; so is the color. It's kindof an orangy-brown. I have practically used that poor bag to death!!!
  15. I simply love brown handbags. They are more a staple than black.

    Here are a few of my favorites:
    BourbonJessie-front.JPG PaddyFront.jpg PradaWashedCattycorner.jpg SpyCognacCattyCorner.jpg