Which is the Simple Pump "patent red" color?

  1. I ordered a pair of CL Simple Pumps in red patent leather. I was picturing a fire engine red, but lately I have seen people's pics of red patent in other CL styles and it's not bright red, but more of a deep red. So does anyone know if the Simple Pump red patent is a bright red or a deep red? If you've seen them IRL, is it closer to the first or second picture here?



  2. I just got a photo of the simple pump from my SA. I think its closer to the first link you have.

  3. Love that color.
  4. so pretty!
  5. thank you, thank you, thank you! That's what I was hoping for. Not that i dont love the other color, but i think this one will work better with my waldrobe and year round. :heart:
  6. Javaboo had the same photo I was going to post. Mine are sitting in a box at home. When I get back, I will take some photos or you will probably have them by then too. :smile:
  7. Hey Asha! You have those too? What DON'T you have?! lol ;) I want to see pictures when you get back, even if I have them by then! :heart:
  8. Stunning! - where on-line can I get these?? haven't seen them!
  9. Ashakes: I didn't get these shoes, my SA sent me a bunch of pictures while I was ordering my Bourge boots. I would love to see this shoe in real life though!

    Piaffe: You can call [SIZE=-1]the Horatio store for them. I know they had it last week when I was putting in an order for my boots.
  10. I will be able to get you pictures tomorrow or Tuesday! They are sitting in my room at my parents' house, but I'm not going back there until tomorrow or Tuesday afternoon.

    Barneys online had them a while back, but you can call the CL Horatio boutique and see what sizes are left. They just got them in last week, but they kind of flew out of the store apparently. They are really cute!

    I knew I had to get them b/c I have the kelly green 85 mm and I love them. I always get so many compliments too when I wear them.

  11. wow that red is sooo hot...

    has anyone seen it in the blue leather anywhere too? was looking for it in a 34.5 or 35...
  12. Wow asha!! I love this green! I never saw it in the stores....when you get home can you take some model pics? Curious as to how it looks on.
  13. That green is hot!!!!! What other colors did they have in patent??? I would love to go visit the CL store in person!!!!!
  14. Asha, one more thing...how are these running, TTS or small??? What size are you again in US and in CLs, I forget?
  15. Barneys carried the blue leather. The biggest size they had left was a 37.5 or so so call and perhaps they have *really* small sizes left! :smile:

    This was a special order from a boutique months ago. I took photos of the actual shoes, but did not get a chance to take modeling pics. When I do though, I will post them. Trust me, they are cute! LOL :girlsigh:

    I have only seen them in the red and green that I have, as well as the cobalt blue leather, but I'm sure there are tons of other colors. That's all I have seen this past several months though.

    The green ones are a size 40 as I got those since they were patent, but I got the red in a 39.5 and they fit too. Plus, since the patent is so soft, I have noticed in the simples they definitely stretch. I just tried them b/c the 40 was sold out, but I'm glad I did b/c they fit great. I'm a US 9 by the way. But, I usually size up for the extra toe box room. Inside footbed measurement is never a problem.

    Here are some photos of the red. I put the rest of the photos in the Louboutin photo thread.